Renting a place in Nice, why so hard?

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Hi, I have rented many apts in many cities, read countries. However, I cannot believe how hard they make it for us in France. Elsewhere you pay and move in, if they are a bit unsure, you pay a bit more and that's it. Yeah, yeah, I know many have abused the French system before, so now all of us need to pay the price? It is so frustrating not being able to find a place after 6 months of search.  Would anybody have a helpful tip? No "local dossiers" but cash, deposit, garanties, some proofs, and still, why so hard? Thank in advance for any useful tip. Would be much appreciated, this is not only frustrating but rather is an emergency situation..

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Not really ''tips'' but would say this time of year is probably the easiest to find a rental as not many tourists. Also I knew someone working for years in France married to French woman with kids who had to pay a whole year's rent in advance. The law is on side of the tenant so landlords may be cautious.

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Thx Appletrees. The law + unfortunately many abused the system, so it is harder now for us. I also thought off-season would be the time.. well I don't give up. Regards

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MD what kind of property are you looking for? I may have some contacts in the area.

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Hi Alex, thx in advance. A flat, min 40 m2 & am super serious & responsible. :) 

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