Self Defence! Pepper spray?

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Could anyone please tell me if it is legal to carry pepper spray or mace in France and where one would buy it? I have several friends (all female) who have been mugged recently and others that are feeling a little threatened. I am sure it is just the time of year... lots of tourists and easy pickings for criminals. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! It wouldn't hurt for everyone to be a bit more vigilent too I guess! Thanks... Daisy

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m&J-199996 1122371626

Why not carry a mini hairspray can. Probably just as effective.

Ghene 1122384240

In the Grey Albion shopping centre on the side of Rue d'Antibes. They have self defense sprays there as well as other (security, survaillance and defense) items. I carry around one spray in my bag, a tiny one in the pocket and a bigger one in the car as well as a knife (after a bad experience in my early years on CdA).
Have recently witnessed a young guy in scooter almost attacking an old man for crossing the street on a Red (for cars and green for him) because they guy on scooter wants to go on a red, this made me carry my knife again. I wouldn't suggest this to anyone who haven't had experience in physical defence and usage of weapons.
Get the spray (less than 20euros), put it in an accessible area in your bag and/or car, do not forget about it, close your car windows and lock doors when suspect looking kids are near.
In case of attack everybody have the right to defend themselves, personally have no second thoughts on anyone trying to hurt me or my children.

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tugg100 1122390473

You can buy CS gas spray in any Chasse / hunting shooting fishing shop, there are lots arround including Kettners in Nice etoile.

There are handbag size up to large size like hair spray, you can also buy self defense guns with rubber bullets from 12 bore size down to .32 calibre.etc etc.


Si-180835 1122394965

As a self defence instructor for over 10 years I strongly advise against carrying a knife for self defense, or for that matter any 'weapon' that can be taken away from you.

One fraction of a seconds hesitation and you will then be facing a attacker who is also in control of your weapon and who will be a lot more willing to use it than a normal decent person would be.

If you do feel more comfortable carrying something for self defence, there are electric shock devises you can buy which clip on to you or attach to your wrist. If taken from you the cord detaches and the device is rendered useless.

Feel free to email me for any advice or if you have any questions on personal protection.

luckenbooth 1122398228

Sounds good advice Si - I never thought about that.

I thought a knife was illegal any way if actually used. I heard it was good to carry a rolled up magazine as thrust into the right part of the anatomy it can be quite effective...It is also not considered a weapon so you can't be held liable.


VTT 1122399717

Not so sure Luckenbooth - while a magazine is more dangerous than a wet noodle, it's not much more.  If I were an attacker, I'd laugh at the prospect of facing a magazine vs. mace/knife/gun.

Si-180835 1122400583

A rolled up magazine is not perhaps the best defensive impliment. There are everyday objects you can use however. Some (high heels, hairspray etc) are more obvious than others (keys, credit cards, pens to name but a few)

Your best weapon though is your self awareness.

Φ 1122410402

'Kill Bill' type Samurai swords are legal in France

You can get them as well as other self defense items, here.

Hope I dont bump into you when I get lost and have to ask someone for directions.


tessa-179840 1193940914

So does anyone know, if that's a Yes or a No on it being legal to carry pepper sray in France...?



amyamos1 1193942859

Apparently it’s illegal to carry pepper spray or CS gas although I have been told that if you're female, the police would turn a blind eye if caught with it. Not sure they would if you had to use it on someone though but then that's the chance you take. Which consequence would be worse? Dealing with the attacker or dealing with the Courts?

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