TEFL... has anyone taken this course?

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Greetings,  Has anyone taken the TEFL course? Where did you study? How has it been since? Have you found work teaching English, easily? I am considering this and would like to hear some experiences from people who have done it. Thanks!  

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I did this in my 20's a very long time ago as I intended to study at Uni abroad and give private lessons  part-time . I did a week long course at a language institute in my home country before leaving. It was expensive but worth the spend. It taught me how to teach. I think those teaching skills are very important if you intend to teach English or anything else. Not everybody is a teacher. It's a skill that you need to learn. There are too many teachers out there who are doing it solely for the money. I did not continue after University but certainly see the value in doing a TEFL course and would recommend it to anybody who intends to teach the language. I think it is easier to do a crash course and to combine it with a holidy at home. 

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Hi, I would also like to do this. I see they have courses in Nice. You can also do an online course. I'm not sure which to do. I think doing it on a one to one basis is better, but it's also a lot more expensive.

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I would like to take this course

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