Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill

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Anyone read this and interested in meeting to discuss/study/put the principles into practice??

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Ron Geary 1237311108

I used to work in a hugh book store in the US. We sold hundreds of copies of the book you mention. I worked at this store for 7 years and knew many of our customers. I don't know of any who became wealthy from having read this book.

buytheapartment 1237321001

Thanks for your comment Ron.Anybody else interested in forming a discussion group and studying Think and Grow Rich?
Andrew carnegie , the man who commissioned the writing of the book, was the wealthiest man of his era, and possibly of all time taking into account what his wealth would be worth today.The book actually puts money at last place in the list of riches, with physical health well above it.Anyone interested give me a call or text or email.0665478535.


Ron Geary 1237323565

Hi Vincent. I should not have made such a tacky posting. Actually, the book store where I worked permitted various book groups to meet in the store. One of the book groups was indeed studying "Think and Grow Rich". As I remember, they met for their discussions 6 or 7 times. Good Luck to you.


buytheapartment 1237325547

Thanks Ron, that's more or less what I'm aiming for, reckon that in these straitened financial times there are people seeking a way forward.I certainly am.Appreciate your comments and if/when the group gets going come along and join us for coffee and a chat.

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Grigg 1237381795

I have read 'Think and grow Rich', but a few years ago now. Many people are writing books and holding seminars using the same principles now. Where are you based and thinking of holding these discussions?


buytheapartment 1237417768

Based in Nice, a cafe , hotel or even restaurant could be suitable.As long as people can discuss the book in an environment where we can have a coffee.Informal, free, between people who are interested in the book.

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