Warning ! Scam phone calls from EDF

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Hi, all of you, be aware of the following :  today, I got a recorded phone call advising me that my electricity consumption was already higher than last year same period and I had to call the following number to try to solve the problem : 0899961716.  Very concerned, I called the number straight away, got a voice mail who seemed to come from the EDF company, was put on hold - but that is usual for everything...- , put the loud  speaker of my phone on and, whilst doing other things, waited... 35 min before the telephone call got cut-off!  I then decided to call my usual EDF line, did not wait as long as that, got an operator who confirmed that both my EDF readings were much lower than same period last year, so nothing to worry about.  I told her about the recorded message I received and gave her the number I gave you, she said she already heard about that number and it was nothing to do with EDF... Fortunately, I had called from my land line, but if I had called from my mobile, I would have had an extremely unpleasant surprise on my next mobile phone bill!!! I hope this helps you not to fall into it as I did! BR, N.

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You will get a surpise on your fixe telephone bill as phone numbers starting 0899 are billed at 0.34cts a minute plus a connexion fee of 1.35€. Everybody be aware of this number, do not call them.

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I have recived a couple of texts from somone purporting to be EDF requesting contact because a) My meter had not been read for over a year, then b) they had forgotten to read my meter on the last pass by there was a number to call

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Thanks to this discussion I was surprised/shocked/disgusted to recieve a call on my fixe last night at 8 PM!!!   No recording, a live person starting on about EDF; as soon as I said the word "escroc", he hung up.

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This is a fairly common type af scam, where they call and then either leave a message to call back, or hang up immediately hoping you'll call back thinking someone wanted to contact you.

In this case the price was 1.35€ + 0.34€/min, but it could have been a lot more expensive - up to 0.75€/min according to Wikipedia.


There are many other types of phone scams, of course, so here are some things to keep in mind:

Always assume the worst of people. Then you can only be pleasantly surprised.

There are generally only four reasons why people you don't know call you: You owe someone money, they're doing a survey/poll, they want to sell you something or they want to scam you.

- If you owe them money, they're upfront about what they want and will know your name and other pertinent information. Don't be afraid to ask for further verification if you don't trust them - especially if they're being cagey about who they are.

- If it's a survey/poll they'll be upfront, but sometimes this is simply used as a pretext to selling you something, in the hopes it will lower your guard, so do be careful.

- If they want to sell you something... Well, they'll say anything. Sometimes they'll even deny being phone sellers, only to then ask if you want to buy o_0

- Scammers will say anything. Be on your guard.

Phone numbers to be wary of: 01... (unless you know someone who lives there), 08... (never a personal phone number, often expensive to call), hidden numbers, foreign numbers and "weird" numbers (seems like it might be local, but is too short etc.).

Always do a search on Google to see if someone has reported the number as a scam, before calling back. In fact, never call back - if it's important they'll call again.

If they claim to be from your bank, EDF etc. make them verify themselves, by having them give you your account number or other information only you and they should know. Never give any personal information until absolutely sure they are who they say. If in doubt, hang up and call the official number. Don't call numbers they give you.

If they claim to be from Microsoft, Windows, Apple or similar, claiming there's a problem with your computer, give them your honest opinion and hang up. They will go to some length to convince you that their claims are true, but all their "proof" (event viewer, CLSID etc.) is bollocks (even if it looks scary and important). Also, Microsoft etc. will never call you like that.

Always ask for more details and don't accept evasive answers.

Some of these scammers are very good. They can make you believe just about anything.

Don't be afraid to hang up.


As it happens Troy Hunt (Australian IT and security specialist) blogged about this today: http://www.troyhunt.com/2014/11/this-is-your-bank-please-verify-your.html

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I agree with all you say but you know, I am usually too hasty to blast out something nasty and I'm SURE that a few times I botched a "real" person.........  

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Calls from 0555794903 leaving a long musical on ansaphone

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