Where to live? (between Antibes/Grasse?)

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Hi everyone,My fiancé just got offered a job in Grasse and we are trying to decide where to live.  The reasons we don't want to stay in Grasse itself is 1) i've heard it's not the nicest or safest depending on where  (not sure if this is really the case), 2) i love the beach and antibes so would like to be able to go there easily 3) i most likely will be going to a sports place often in Vallauris.We both love the countryside/greenery and would prefer to stay out of the city centre of antibes where you pay $$$ for a tiny studio/apartment, but would still like easy-ish access to it (via public transport preferably). Where would you recommend between Antibes/Grasse?Thanks!

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Rouretan 1609424201

If you are working in Grasse, live in Grasse.

Grasse covers a large area (several hamlets), and offers a wide range of properties from grand manor houses in the country to flats in and around the centre. 

Grasse has good (for the area) communication links: both buses and railway.

Whilst the centre is only a scratch on its former glory (Queen Victoria used to live there for part of the year), there are still unspoilt agricultural areas to be found.

Avoid Antibes and the coast unless you like grockles in the summer.

Aerialyds 1609498333

Thanks Rouretan. I should have been a bit more clear - my fiancé will be working in Grasse, but i will need to be going to Vallauris and Antibes for other reasons (training around 4-5x a week). He can drive and i can't...so it's easier for us to live closer to where i need to be than him as he can drive to work. So i was hoping for somewhere in a bit of "countryside" that could still connect me with public transport to antibes and vallauris if possible.

Arnold-965114 1610139117

A good alternative is Mouans Sartoux. Close to Grass and with tren connection to Antibes, with green surroundings !

Nymand 1610184396

Dear Lydia, 

Congratulations with your fiancé for the job offer in Grasse and indeed Grasse is a large area. It sounds exiting for both of you. If you have time, you should spend some time driving around as the variety of landscape is large and with lots of options. The trains along the coast is a good option for you within 2-3 stops, so from Mandelieau to Biot. Maybe you could post your email in case people can suggest options/availabilities or have a look in Nice-Matin. 

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