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Hi AI-ersQuestion : if one were to die intestate, who is next in line to inherit property ? Alternatively, would anyone be able to point me to cheapest and/or easiest way to arrange a property Will in France ?many thanks and have a great day !

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That all depends if you are married have children etc If you look at the notaires de france website it gives a good explanation about inheritance 

To make a will in France I would advise going to a Notaire as it is a notaire who will by law have to deal with the estate You can make a French will or make a declaration that you want your estate dealt with under the law of your home country and in both cases specify who gets what 

Note that french IHT will apply and can be quite high for non blood beneficiaries including unmarried partners but a notaire will be best placed to advise you 

Make sure that you let any relatives know which notaire has the will and I have given a trusted relative a sealed envelope with bank electricity/utilities insurances etc 

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