Word on laptop disappeared??

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I don't know how, definitely didn't delete it, but turned on laptop and the Word programme is not there, can't see it in Programmes??? The icons gone from screen - is it hiding somewhere, any advice or suggestions very welcome. Thanks.

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GAnthony 1343060158

Most strange. However, it may be listed in programs as 'Microsoft Office'. Desktop icons can disappear, but that is not a big worry as they can easily be replaced. Let us know which operating system you are using, and double check if it is Microsoft Word, or Wordpad that has gone missing. With this information I can suggest another way to look for it.

melandave 1343062406

Thanks GAnthony for reply. All my docs which were saved with the usual 'W' files, now are a notepad style icon with 'A' on them - if that makes sense.

My laptop is windows xp. When I tried to download a new microsoft word software because I thought one of the cats must have deleted it, the installation said there was not enough space! Hence I thought that maybe it must be somewhere but I can't access it. (sorry, not very technical).

Again, thanks;

liddane-276028 1343067150

If you have a cat which can delete a whole program, I would not mind having him/her!

You say that THE ICON is missing from the SCREEN.

By this do you simply mean that you had a shortcut on the opening screen (the desktop?) which was marked WORD, and that this has now disappeared?

If so, it can be easily replaced, as long as WORD itself is still on your PC.

If you still have WORD, it does (usually) not appear as WORD in your programs listing, but instead appears as MICROSOFT OFFICE.

Go back to your program listing and see if you have MICROSOFT OFFICE,

If you do not, get back to us.

If however, you do, then hover over it with your cursor, and it should open a menu which shows all the OFFICE programs. The last one down will (hopefully) be MICROSOFT OFFICE WORD.

If it is, right-click on it - and then click on CREATE SHORTCUT. This will create a SHORTCUT which usually reads MICROSOFT OFFICE WORD (2).

Then move your cursor to this new link, hold down the left-hand mouse button, and drag the link over to the desktop, and you will have your WORD link back.

But if you do not have MICROSOFT OFFICE on your PC either, then you have one very malicious (not to mention computer-literate) cat!

melandave 1343069863

Thanks liddane for your (very funny and) useful reply.

Right, done those things you suggested. In the program listings, it shows microsoft office, but the hovering shows frontpage and support tools. When I go into panneau configuration I cannot see microsoft office or word - it really seems to have disappeared; and that all my docs are now not word but some sort of notes adds to the mystery. It seems therefore that it is more than the icons disappearing

I thought it could be a virus that somehow wiped it (hence asking for help on here), I have never taught my cat how to use the computer, though he does
sometimes sit close by looking on - so just maybe .............

liddane-276028 1343070241

Before shooting the cat (or at least forcing him/her) to regurgitate the swallowed program, have you recently downloaded or installed a WINDOWS XP update?

You may not be aware you have done this of course, as you have it programmed to automatically install updates...


stuart06-195098 1343070425

Which version of office do you have,do you have the install disc(s)?


liddane-276028 1343071337

I think she has tried to install it again, but a lack of space notice is coming up, which suggests it might still be there,

To MelandDave...

Do you have the following file on your PC?


To check, press


Then click on


and then click on


and let it rip.

If you find it, right-click the word WINWORD,EXE and when it says CREATE SHORTCUT, click again.

It will then usually read something on the lines of WINDOWS CANNOT CREATE A SHORTCUT HERE, DO YOU WANT IT INSTALLED ON THE DESKTOP.

Just say YES.

Jim Liddane

melandave 1343127699

Thanks for suggestions. I cannot find winword.exe.

possibly downloaded microsoft xp update.

It looks like its a mystery. Tried to download microsoft office trial, but not enough space which is peculiar because the space must have been there before the disappearance of the original which was already installed when I bought the laptop.

So many thanks for help, looks like I need to start again.

liddane-276028 1343131914

That does not look very good....

One final test


Press RUN



into the box, and press


If a box comes up saying WINDOWS CANNOT FIND WINWORD, then there is no quick solution.

You wrote....

Tried to download microsoft office trial, but not enough space which is peculiar because the space must have been there before the disappearance of the original which was already installed when I bought the laptop.

Our reply is.......

This is possible because from what you say, you never had a full copy of OFFICE - just FRONTPAGE and WORD, whereas the full OFFICE suite contains many more programs than those two, including ACCESS, EXCEL etc.

So if you were already low on space and tried to download the full Office suite, it could cause space difficulties.

Incidentally, are you able to open your WORD documents at this moment in any other program?

Finally, you say you may have downloaded an XP update, but this should not result in the loss of the entire program. However, one update has been known to cause file association problems.

Jim Liddane

melandave 1343134844

It is good of you to take the time to advise me! Did that run test -
and nothing there, so its gone (interrogation of cat begins!!). Good
point though about me only having word and frontpage,
so now understand why can't download the office.........

My word docs now open with (from what I can tell) MFC wordpad??

Thanks again for your help on this liddane, think I must now reinstall word.

liddane-276028 1343141104

Sorry about that!

You might be able to get an Office suite, and install only Word from that. Otherwise, you may not have enough space to do a full installation.

You may also then need fix your file association so that the documents open again in your new version of Word.

If so, go to


Cherish that cat - he knows more about XP than I do!


melandave 1343143487

Thanks Jim, I'll try installing as you said. The cat? pretending to be too dumb to get a job all this time..........!

stuart06-195098 1343156254

Have you considered trying a system restore to a date prior to the date when the CATatsrophe occured ?

The 'lack of space notice' sounds ominous,have you considered transfering/backing up/deleting some of the stored data?


melandave 1343159079

To go back to a date before the catastrophe :-)) is that when I have to start up using F1 or F2 ?? No worries, good suggestion, I'll look up how to do it - all seems a game of cat and my mouse at the moment ........ thanks for that last input.

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