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How will I get the booster here in France? Will I be able to add it to my tous Covid cert easily?

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Hi, Does anyone know of any massage therapy schools, preferably that teach in English. If anyone knows of anything please let me know. Best wishes Salvia salvia

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My wife is Swiss and I am English. We moved BACK to Cannes last week. Fully double jabbed with atsrazeneca from London. How do we get a France health pass as the app rejects our QR codes and then when it does accept, it says France does not accept out vaccines. We don't want to be shut out of restaurants and leisure centres. Please help xx

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Hi has anyone managed to obtain a QR code following 2nd Vaccination.I have no access to the Amelie site as I do not have Carte Vital, obtained vaccination using EHIC card. Only recently resident and waiting for my RDV with the Prefecture.Any advice gratefully received

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Dear members.Can you advice where i can obtain (flexible or short term) private health insurane compatible with Online Residence Permit Application to settle in France. I understand that it would be wise to use insurance broker as it's cheaper and more flexible.Any recommendations please.( I live in Mandelieu)

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may I ask if anyone can cite (even recommend?) an English speaking dentist in Nice please?

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As a non resident Brit waiting to return to U.K. can I access a vaccine in France when it’s the turn of my age group? Obviously will pay for since we’re no longer in the EU.

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Hi all.......anyone know any good English speaking kinètherapie places in Nice?

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Hi, since last year my wife and I have decided to spend the winter in Nice, our other home being in England. We understand the reciprocal medical arrangement with the NHS will cease at the end of the year. Does anyone know of a private medical insurance which will give us a reasonable amount of cover for the time we are in Nice? Thanks

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I usually spend September in Cannes and am wondering if it is safe this year. I have asthma and at high risk. How many new cases have been reported daily? Do people wear masks in public places? Thank you for helping me decide!

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Hi ! I am a certified Yoga Instructor (Yoga Alliance International) in Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga. I am currently on the French Riviera for 2 months (until end of september) in the Cannes, Grasse and Antibes area. I am available for private individual or group lessons in French and English. Feel free to contact me for further information: soulyogalaura@gmail.com / 06 13 87 00 79.Namaste :)Laura

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I am a yoga & meditation teacher and life coach looking for a full live-in job as Personal Assistant or Company Person in French Rivera or other sunny destinations. I can prepare and cook meal regards to healthy diet. I have previews experience working as a waitress in a few countries, also I was working as a housekeeper in Cap de Antibes. I am a supportive, friendly, relaxed and creative person. I wish to work for somebody who needs a healthy and balanced lifestyle - movement/yoga and nutritious meals in everyday life. I am also art and nature lover quite well-traveled.  At the moment I am based in Iceland and I am willing to relocate from around October. A few months' position preferable but I will also consider a shorter contract.I speak good English, fluent Polish, have some basics of Italian, Spanish, French.  Please contact me for more info. 

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Riviera Beauty Services British team of qualified Beauty experts, available for Yachts. Hotels, Villas and Pamper Party's Contact us direct;y by mobile email or whatsapp + 44 (0) 7557479010  www.rivierabeautyservices.com   rivierabeautyservices@gmail.comLuxury Pedicures, Manicures, Massages, eyebrows etc Covering Monaco to St Tropez

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Personal Trainer for bespoke programmes encompassing Diet and Exercise to lose weight, tone up, feel good and increase energy levels. Suitable for young and old, fit and non fit. 0611220483 

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Hi AllAnyone know where we can actually buy Face Masks in Antibes, I was advised that Carrefour would start selling them yesterday but they did not.As a family with no masks I would much appreciate any assistance.Thanks in advance.Ray

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Hi can anyone recommend a speech therapist for a child  (English or French) in the monaco area? 

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Hi can anyone recommend a speech therapist for a child  (English or French) in the monaco area? 

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Hi can anyone recommend a speech therapist for a child  (English or French) in the monaco area? 

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