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I have private health insurance through GAN, I had a minor operation around 1 month ago, I can't get the refund from GAN for the costs (430 euros) because it hasn't registered on my carte vitale if CV are paying anything towards the operation. I'm not sure what to do next, anyone else experienced this issue?

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Does anyone know of a nurse or pharmacy that will give the flu vaccination in the La Colle/St Paul/Vence area?

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I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has proceeded with legal action against a dentist in France.I suffer too much but the dentist says that the job is well done. (((Please email me to [email protected]

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Can anyone recommend sauna/steam room/Turkish bath in Nice?  I googled it, the places I saw looked more like a hang out places. I am interested to enjoy therepeutic benifits of sauna, nothing else, something not expensive preferably. I think I saw the post about it on Angloinfo before, but then it disappeared.

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Does anyone know where i can rent a sleep apnea machine, or perhaps have a slightly used one for sale to try before  purchase one. Thank you

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Hi everyone, Has anyone here given birth at the Princess Grace hospital in Monaco? I find it difficult to select a doctor as there is no real information about them. Can anyone recommend a doctor you were happy with? Thanks in advance for any response!

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Hi, does anyone know of a sort if strenuous keep fit/ boot camp type of training, need to get fit once again, hope there is something out there that is not too expensive, looking to work out 3 mornings a week.

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Hi Everyone. Getting married to my French partner in Nice next year. Looking for an English speaking hairdreser/make up artist to do a trial and my hair on the day. 

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Hi, Can anyone recommend someone in the region that specialises in NLP or Hypnotheraphy ? Thank you Brie

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I have chronic health issues. I need to see doctors on regular basis. I arrived in France a month ago. I have a EU passport. I plan to stay in France, basically I plan to move here for good. Currently I do not have a job. I rent through Airbnb. Can I apply for a French health insurance? Where do I go? I can't risk my health and not to see doctors, I need to have an annual MRI, I am a cancer patient in remission.

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Hi! I am going to see the ENT doctor, I have a EU passport, but no insurance card. My embassy told me that I am still qualified, as a EU citizen. I do not know what I am supposed to tell them in the office so I would not be charged a lot of money.

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Hi I'm looking for a kids dentist for an urgent loose tooth problem! Does anyone have a reccoemdation if so please PM me! I know names if doctors and dentists cannot be posted. 

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I was wondering if anyone could recommend a retina specialist in the area. I am willing to travel a bit if necessary. Thank you.

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My wife is looking for an English speaking gynecologist.  Does anyone have a recommendation please?

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Hi there, is anybody else in the south of france feeling utterly bored and lonely or am i the only one? My mother moved to france some years ago and spent 6 of the 9 years wanting to come home, which they finally did.I have been here for just over a year helping out with my new grandson, as my daughter lives in neffies, i cannot go out in the heat and dont really know anyone. I will be leaving in October just when the weather is more amenable to me.i am going stark staring mad in between baby sitting as i am totally alone, except for my communication on here and emails to my mum. 

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Looking for English Speaking orthodentist in Nice or Vence or Cagnes or Villieneuve Loubet area? Anyone recommend one for childrens braces.

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HI, I just came over from Canada, & I am wondering if there are any nice day spa's in Cannes or  even Monaco? Looking for a tranquil place to relax, for quality body massage, facial & perhaps nails.. including luxury pedicures with those foot baths! Not looking to those expensive hotel spa's.. they are lovely but quite pricey.  Thanks!   

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Can anyone recommend a beautician who knows what they're doing down there?  I have yet to find someone like back home- 5 minutes and it's done! 

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I live in Cannes, and am looking for a good/ English-speaking hairdresser. I was having my hair cut in the UK until recently, but need someone closer now. I prefer not to venture into one of the many hyper exensive salons in central Cannes! Recommendations welcome! Also if anyone knows someone who does a nice pedicure. Home visit would be lovely! Thank you!

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