Does anyone have advice regarding where a tourist can get a COVID PCR-RT test before return to the UK (Antibes area)

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The pharmacy terminal 2 nice airport.

Or there may be drive throughs at airpost attached to websites such as my dispair 

Antigen is the rapid, comes back in 30 mins but you only have 48 hrs to fly with it.

Atibdies 40 pounds and as useless as a chocolate teapot. 

Pcr 82 pounds - must do 48hrs before flying. Test results could take up to 48hr to be processed. Should not be advertised or sold in the rapid test area of a website! But they do! 

Antegin 40 swift but check acceptability from country to country.

Hope that helps? After today I'm an expert! 


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The tourist office advised me to book via website:  It worked well for me. 

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