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Hi AllAnyone know where we can actually buy Face Masks in Antibes, I was advised that Carrefour would start selling them yesterday but they did not.As a family with no masks I would much appreciate any assistance.Thanks in advance.Ray

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Hello, Firstly I cannot reply directly to your question concerning obtaining face masks in the Antibes area, however in respect to Carrefour Antibes I was at the shop this morning at approx 11h30 and noticed on entering there were a couple of large notice boards stating that face masks were available at the check out tills at a price of approx 3€ per 5 units. At arriving at the check out after completing my purchases around 12h15 I asked immediately the lady at the till if she had masks available and replied no , she then informed me that the masks are available but in limited supplies and advised me to go to the shop at opening time 8h30 as the demand is so large that the stocks available are usually depleted as early as 10h, hope this info is of some assistance.

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Update .... was at Carrefour Antibes this morning Friday 08.05.20 at 8h30, went direct to checkout and was sold 2 packs of masks each containing 5 units.

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