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Hi, Does anyone know of any massage therapy schools, preferably that teach in English. If anyone knows of anything please let me know. Best wishes Salvia salvia

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In France, only registered kinésithérapeutes may perform massage, by law, as it is regarded as a medical procedure. The training is part of the (lengthy) kinésithérapeute education. The practice of modelage, which may make no medical or therapeutic claims and which is restricted to "aesthetic ends" can be practiced by qualified esthéticien(ne)s, who also receive the training as part of their (less lengthy, but still sustantial) education.


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There are 2 french guys teaching massage in the area. I wouldn't recommend either of them, I know one is in Grasse now and the other don't know exactly where he teaches. As Mike said the diploma isn't valid or recognized to practise in this country.

There are English diploma therapists in the area - but they aren't recognised by the French 'Kinestherapeutes', who in spite of the fact they massage very little hold the monopoly of that word.



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The point remains: by law, only registered kinésithérapeutes may perform massage. That it is only part of their job, that they may or may not be well paid, all this is irrelevant - they hold a legally-sanctioned monopoly on both the term and the act (which is pretty clearly defined in the legislation, so you can't just say you're involved in, say, "body-rubbing" and get away with it).


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English Physiotherapy diplomas are fully recognised in France as being the equivalant of a Kinésithérapie diploma.

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That is true, but that wasn't the question (a qualified physiotherapist is, in effect, a kiné when working in France and subject to all the same rules and restrictions - including a ban on anything even resembling advertising). There's a BIG difference between a physiotherapy diploma and having attended a "massage therapy school", a thing which, to all intents and purposes doesn't (can't) exist in France.


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In answer to Salvia02's original question - there is a 'School' listed on the ITEC site, however the link is defunk and I would therefore assume that as ITEC qualifications are not recognised in France there was no call for it and may have closed. It was based in Nyons, if you need the details go to .

From personal experience it is impossible to practice in France even if you have qualifications that are recognised in most Countries as it is a requirement to also have professional Liabilities Insurance (Even in the UK) and you just cannot get it without being a registered kinésithérapeutes as Mike pointed out. I am ITEC qualified and would just not risk even offering it to friends free for this reason.

Unfortunately there are people offering 'Massage' services in France who are either not qualified or have qualifications and are not insured. I made the mistake of having a massage done by someone who was neither qualified or insured and spent two weeks in agony a few years back.

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