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Hi has anyone managed to obtain a QR code following 2nd Vaccination.I have no access to the Amelie site as I do not have Carte Vital, obtained vaccination using EHIC card. Only recently resident and waiting for my RDV with the Prefecture.Any advice gratefully received

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Matthew -Parris-992373 1623662686

Firstly if you are permanently resident in France then you cannot use your EHIC card in France and in any event a EHIC card is not a payment card .Are you saying that you paid for the jab or what ? and how did you actually arrange it?   If you are not in the French health system then you need to have private health insurance to cover you When did you take up residence Was it before the 1Jan 2021 if so are you applying for a WA agreement card? or did you move after and if so did you get a Visa? You cannot get the QR code if you do not have an Amelie account and you cannot join the French health system unless you have a CDS and proof of being covered prior to your application

Perhaps you could enlighten us and we may be able to help further

PhilP-192608 1623663552

Hi.  Yes i arrived before end of Jan, yes i have private health cover, yes i have an S1. i do have my application in for the warp.. the vaccine centre were very happy to give me the jabs with my ehic card.

I am a Yacht Captain so have not had to do anything prior to the dreaded brexit…. a friend of mine who is in the same situation was given a paper with the qr code that he could scan to his toutcovid app 

Matthew -Parris-992373 1623745071

So you have an S1 therefore I think you can apply straight away for your Carte Vitale if you can show that you have been resident in France prior to Brexit then of course you can get on the Ameli website once accepted 

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