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After 2 years of struggling to find a good hairdresser in Nice I finally found a fantastic one!!! As I know I am not the only one who has had a problem to find a good hairdresser I would like to highly recommend Kate at Salon Identity, Rue Alphonse Karr, Phone: 0493819533. She was absolutely amazing, extremely skilled, friendly and the result is stunning, I can assure you that you will be very satisfied. As a bonus they have a wide range of Redken products which I think is the Rolls Royce of hair products. Kattis

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pjones-226613 1207870854

Hi Kattis,

I couldn't agree more. I posted about this hair salon the first time I went and had a great colour done. Kate suggested a new style that she thought would suit me, but I decided to think about it. I went back last week for my re-style and came out feeling amazing. It must have been good, even the guys at work commented! I know what you mean, it was such a relief to find a great hairdresser and her business partner and boyfriend is also highly skilled as a hairdresser - the woman next to me looked great when he had finished her hair!

PrincessPhoebe 1207907335

Silly question but I have really thick wavy hair and that often poses a problem. Do you think they would know how to deal with it?

azurella-209439 1207908763

Thats great at last I can go to a Salon I am a Hair Stylist myself and havent been able to find a good one in 8 years!!
I will be making an appointment, thanks!

k8-214577 1207910001

Kate is by far the best hair dresser.. I have been here 2 years now myself and had many disasters.. the last one being my worst as couldn't find her as she moved from Monaco to Nice and was re doing the new salon.. Went to a terrible hair dresser in Monaco.. cost me nearly 300 euros for them to ruin and damage my hair so badly.. but as usual kate managed to save it and do a great job.. I know friends that travel from Monaco to see her.. really couldn't recommend anyone better..

leslie-179832 1207912272

could you tell me how much she charges for a cut?



Coots 1207933863

I too have just returned from having my hair styled by Kate, she is a wonderful stylist, very lovely, speaks french like a native, and just knows her trade. Both she and her handsome partner Arno get 5 stars from me.

The salon is clean, brand new, and just refreshing to find such a keeper.

Merci Kate et Arno,


pjones-226613 1207944315

Hi Princess Pheobe - not a silly question. I have the opposite problem. Hair stupidly fine and static. The new style suggested has made a huge difference as has the easy to follow tips to style it - as I am rubbish at doing my own hair, but have kept it looking good. I would give her a call and ask her. She is British, so for anyone like me who is still working on basics of French, a great relief.

Leslie - I had a cut and highlights and my husband decided to have his hair cut whilst he was waiting for me (new experience for him) Whole bill was just over 100Euro which I thought was a great price to pay.

mctd-192324 1209497635

Yet another heads up for Kate at Salon Identity. I had difficult requests for colours to liven up long, fine hair -- Kate more than rose to the occasion. Great experience!

Martin Haich 1209543086

Is it really that difficult to find a good hairdresser?

I am an english hairdresser with an apartment in antibes juan les pins

with lots of experience! I would love to work for a time there but am a little unsure of the proceedure. Any tips??

job-212223 1209573259

Hi Martin,

I'd get cutting and colouring if I were you, the demand is big. I think I speak for others when I say this but its very hard to explain in another language exactly what you want. I've had my hair cut by Toni and Guy for years till I left the uk and have tried to get a french hairdresser to replicate the cut that I actually want without losing inches of hair. Needless to say I sit in the chair petrified each time I go. Let me know if you start up hairdressing again please.



Dani and David 1209576319

Hi everybody!! Does the amazing Kate speak english??

Dani and David

moony-218619 1209581329

The amazing Kate is English and her boyfriend Arno is French, they set up the salon together. Martin Haich why dont you contact them you might be able to hire a chair in the salon to build up clientele for yourself....moony

mctd-192324 1209582839

Indeed, word has it that they are looking for a qualified hairdresser for full time employment. Must be French-speaking.

AngelaHG 1210689085

what is the name of the salon and does Kate have a website?


pjones-226613 1210713637

Hi, The salon is called Identity, the phone number is 04 93 81 95 33, the address is 17 Rue Alphonse Karr. No website that I know of sorry.


Skatingseal 1213455644

I went to see Kate yesterday and I have to agree that she is absolutely amazing! :)

Josephine Mackenzie 1267040863

After reading this thread, I made an appointment at the salon today, & I am truly delighted with the result. Like many others, my hair had just been badly damaged by another hairdresser, & Jan at Identity fixed it all, the color, the condition, the cut. I can hightly recommend them.

Sophie-182589 1267108771

Kate at Identity is my saviour - I had straggly, no longer curly, frizzy hair when Kate set to work on it, she is a magician!! Since Kate worked her miracles on my hair I have been told I look 10 years younger and 8 of my friends have visited Kate and fallen in love since seeing my new cut and colour, including ones from as far afield as Grasse, Cabris & Magagnosc.

She never makes you feel uncomfortable which I find many hairdressers do, and going there is such a huge pleasure where hairdresser visits have been torture in the past.

I would also like to add that she cut my 3 year old's very curly hair this weekend, and was fantastic!! My highly lively daughter sat very patiently as Kate talked to her and washed and cut her hair, now my daughter wants to know when she can go back and see Kate again!!

Identity are now also offering the "permanent blow dry" (Keratin I think it's called - the one everyone in the UK has been raving about), so I'm saving my pennies now to get that done there :-)

FYI - they are working on a website at the moment so watch this space...

moony-218619 1267125939

I've ben going to Kate for a couple of years now and I tell all my friends to go too, in fact I have been today!!

Sandra P. 1267361997


It seems that this Kate is a very very good hairdresser. Can anyone tell me about the prices? How much is it for a haircut or - and color with highlights?

Kind regards,


Jarvis-278024 1268129693

... and following Sophie's recommendation, I now also go to this amazing salon! It cost less than my usual hairdresser, and they really do a fabulous job.

Sophie-182589 1268129932

I can't remember exact prices but I think it's about 100€ cut and colour, and maybe 120€ with highlights too... maybe less?? Maybe someone can correct me if I'm wrong...??

SJ-190944 1268143491

For medium length hair, cut and colour, plus extra styling time with straighteners, it was under 90 Euros.

moony-218619 1268243401

I have very short hair and I pay about 123 euros cut and highlights

Sandra P. 1268249608

Why is it sooo expensive, it's like going to a hairdresser in Monaco :(

Are there some special prices for students or people under 25?

Sophie-182589 1268301285

You get what you pay for - exceptional cuts, colours, advice and a wonderfully pampering experience :-) I don't know anyone who goes there who feels they are over-charged for what they get, and I know nearly 20 people who go there regularly. I don't think they do young/student rates but you could always ask.

Explain what you want beforehand and ask how much it will cost, highlights cost more than just an all over colour for example.

incannes 1269955189

Thank you for posting this ad- I am in urgent need of a really good hairdresser after getting butcherd last week in Antibes

Do you know if Arno is as good a as Kate in cutting hair?

Thank you very much!!

Sophie-182589 1269955899

I hear that he is as good as if not better - I just prefer Kate as I can chat to her in English about things "back home", but Arno speaks perfect English too.

pjones-226613 1269956712

I second that. He has cut my friends hair several times and she looked great and was totally thrilled. I tend to choose Kate as I like to discuss with her in English different colours and styles etc. Arno also speaks good English, but I am just used to Kate! Enjoy your time there. I was there Saturday.

michaelh-184806 1269956875

my wife uses Jonathon Forbes for all colour and cut and everything, she has told me to write here that he is fantastic as he listens to what you want then tells you what will suit you.
He comes to the house.
his number is 06 14 43 31 38

Apparently he does a lot of the super super rich and if hes good enough for them he's good enough for my wife (again I have been told to write that! )

lfb-230909 1274897767

I could not agree more - I used to go to Nicky Clarke in Mayfair so expectations were high & was not disappointed. Real understanding of face shape & hair type, very friendly, great products & for an amazing price - still can't believe its such good value - 48 euros for proper & leisurely wash cut & expert blow dry. Brilliant!

lenio-282703 1274916877

For anyone near the Italian border there's a great hairdresser in Ventimiglia - Manuele. They speak French and Italian and do fantastic colour and great cuts. I went to T&G for years and was looking for something similar around Monaco but to no avail until a friend recommended here - half the price too! They're on 10, V Ruffini Jacopo and the number is 0184351029.

miss*moxie 1283694041

I'm so glad to find this discussion thread. I've been searching out salons for 2 months! As a newcomer, can anyone tell me what tipping etiquette is for salons in France? Is it customary, and if so, at what percentage?

nigs-290809 1290439844

I'd also love to know the answer to this? di you get any responses?

LisaD-206782 1299269349

Hi everyone,

Thank you all for recommending Kate & Arno at Identity. I finally went today after months of following this thread, and can now say that I have finally found my salon in Nice! Thank you all, and especially thank you Kate if you have a chance to finally read this thread. I love my cut, colour (first time having hair coloured, and definitely satisfied), and style. See you again soon.


Elliey 1316631062

Michaelh - does Jonathon Forbes still work in the area? I tried calling the number, but no response so I am not sure whether I should continue trying. Thanks in advance!

Frou-Frou 1317221734

Hello Ladies! All your messages and good comments prompted me to make an appointment - which I did with Kate. I took the train from Cannes this morning and , to my surprise on arrival at the salon, was told that she was ill today.....of course, disappointment for me! However, her husband Arno cut my hair and did a decent job, and was very pleasant indeed but I must admit that my mind was set on Kate. Surely, there must be a decent hairdresser in Cannes! If you know of one, please reply! Many thanks!

cigalle 1317228763

I have lived here for 35 years and I'm still looking, i have never come out of any hairdressers here with exactly what I wanted plus two months of hot humid weather really doesn't help. Maybe a wig is the answer !!!

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