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Rose lea



As a non resident Brit waiting to return to U.K. can I access a vaccine in France when it’s the turn of my age group? Obviously will pay for since we’re no longer in the EU.

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Hi Rose Lea,

I'm afraid I've no idea whether you can buy a vaccine when they eventually become available.  I would start by asking a pharmacy, a GP, even perhaps social security. 

I'm in the super vulnerable category with a progressing auto-immune malady and I'm livid that there's no true indication of when, those of us who are resident and on social security, we will receive our vaccine. My docs are in the UK, they don't deal with my malady here. My French GP grumbles at the French bureaucratic delays at every level, he says it takes multiple signatures and many days to simply place a freezer suitable for the Pfizer vaccine, that's one example.

Anyway, good wishes but I feel it will be some time before you might be able to buy a vaccine.

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