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Hello,I am looking for a barn builder in Prades/Perpignan area. Does anyone have someone that they can recommend?Thank you!Leighsa

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French owner of a lovely appartment in Antibes, I will move on later this year and also offer our current property :- Top 10th Floor - Unique view on French Riviera, please check pictures and you will understand- Private parking spot, essential in the area- Big swimming pool in the property, you and your family will love it- Huge private garden park- Surface : 50m². One living room, one bedroomHonestly, check the pictures and you will imagine your future thereBy the way, the 2022 Bus-Tram will be just down your appartment, 10-15 minutes far from AntibesAvailable at 330000€Pictures above :https://ibb.co/Fsz2xq8https://ibb.co/6nj0sYnhttps://ibb.co/GvLR50Zhttps://ibb.co/VmyGFYrhttps://ibb.co/HD10HTXhttps://ibb.co/RQNxMTmhttps://ibb.co/bNZxTF0https://ibb.co/D1jVjFRhttps://ibb.co/WWTHQhshttps://ibb.co/CpL2TQNhttps://ibb.co/PQJ0L9pFeel free to contact us in order to visitEnjoy your summer anyway !

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Maison de vile to rent - Antibes old town - jamesh19@gmail.com

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Anyone know of a charity (or individual) who would be interested in about 150 English language paperback books?

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HIWe are looking for someone willing to come to Vence to help us with the following:Painting and DecoratingBasic CarpentryGarden Wall renderingThere is plenty of further work to come also.Thanks!

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empty house, Sunday 23 May from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., ch du Camouyer in Roquefort ls Pinsmandatory maskexact address on request by email, communicated on Saturday 22 May.

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I have a neighbour who is on a lower level to mine and insists the water that he is experiencing after a heavy rainfall is coming from my property.  I have removed any guttering etc that was diverted to run off on his side but he is still getting waterlogged after rain.  I believe it is coming from an underground source and that it has nothing to do with my property - can anyone advise on how to solve this?  Is there anyone that I can use without outlaying a large amount to solve this problem and have him off my back once and for all?  

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Looking for someone, company or individual, for a project near Monaco, to do drywall (already installed well) to paint  ready.  But the person has to have experience doing tape/mud/sand style drywall prep of  joints in Canada or US. Around 750 m2 in this phase.  We're not doing the European style involving plastering the whole thing, so it has to be someone who has solid drywall experience working in North America.  Any leads greatly appreciated. 

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Is it true that in France you cannot get rainwater insurance coverage for your outdoor terrace

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HelloI  have a nice room availiable close to train to work in Monaco. Own bath .Share sitting room/ garden. Availiable May 1, 2021 Monthly 550 euros. Contact Denibond@ gmx.com

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I'm downsizing and, as a result, I'm selling a few prized decorative rugs, some of which are floor rugs and others wall hangings.  Any ruggies out there should come to see what's available. I'm just outside Cannes. My email is mosaphir@yahoo.com

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BonjourMon appartement F1 sera disponible à la location au 1er avril pour un mois  ou deux . il est au coeur du Vieil Antibes entièrement meublé et équipé .Me contacter pour plus d'informations

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Hello, I am looking for a furnished studio appartment to rent in Fréjus near the port/harbour area for 5 months from 01/06/21 to 31/10/21 if anyone knows of any available accommodation. Thanks

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Hello sir/mAmdame we are looking for a domestic position/couple housekeeper or couple guardien we Are available anytime.Please contact me at this number 0781344415,we could provide cv and references if needed.Thank yoh and best regards.

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Hi Everyone - I have lived here for 20 years + have been getting UK channels through a Magbox (annoying as their catch up is only the last 7 days) and also "Sky TV" (with a satellite dish until they changed their footprint a few years ago.....and the reception became unreliable).  1) Has the Sky deal improved at all?(I have Netflix + Amazon Prime but seem to have exhausted everything on there!)2) I would like to know if we can get ITV Hub over here as it has lots of series worth watching.  Anyone got any ideas?Can anyone help?

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Hello,Would like to propose you my service for painting walls, wooden or metal substrates, roller shutters , awnings, and all kinds of doors and windows. do not hesitate to contact me for any information.Regards,Yvan 0611220483

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Sorry to post again about this!  But the situation has changed with the gas tank on my property.  I no longer need it to be cut up, as we have managed to create easy access.  But it does need to be picked up by Antargaz!  Does anyone know how to get them to respond to these requests?  Or does anyone have any contacts to someone at the company/someone authorized by Antargaz to pick up......? I apologize to Mr. Goodyear Briggs for not answering.  Please leave a phone number and I will certainly reply!  Thank you

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Hello Can anyone recommend someone to repair a Washing Machine in the Nice area. Thank you

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Hello, We have recently bought a small house in Roquebrune Cap Martin.  It came with a giant propane tank, close to the house.  I have been trying to get it removed with Antargaz/Finagaz for more than 4 months.  But they don’t send anyone or respond to my messages.  It must be cut up, as there is no access by crane.  Wondering if anyone has experience with this (or has had success)?  A separate company needs to do the job (like a specialized plumber).  But I have no contacts.  ANY advice much appreciated.  As we are undergoing construction on the house/property, it is really urgent!  Thank you!

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