Any ideas to make path nonslip?

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Hi there, I have a long sloping path from the house to the drive which is very slippery when the surface is wet, from morning dew to rain.  Has anybody every had the same problem and successfully found a solution?  I know you can get anti slip paint but I'm not sure how durable this would be, maybe its possible to get some sort of sheeting on the slope?  Any suggestions gratefully receive with thanks!

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Hi I've used the anti skid paint many times and by putting two coats down its very durable.This really is the best solution without affecting the look of your path.

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What about making flat sections and the occasional step, instead of a sloping path? Perhaps putting down gravel would help. Install hand rail in case of falling because of ice etc.

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What is your path made of?

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Thank you all!  Its a tiled path

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