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Hi, I'm looking for advice on sourcing bathrooms and a kitchen in the Grasse area. My parents are building a holiday home near Grasse. They've recently lost their project manager (he had to return to his family abroad unexpectedly) and they don't speak fluent French. They are planning on sourcing their kitchen (likely Howdens) and bathroom fittings in the UK and transporting them out to France because they've heard these things are quite a bit more expensive in France and they're more confident in buying from companies they know (and can communicate effectively with!) I know UK v French fittings is a frequently debated issue but hadn't seen any recent discussions on this and would welcome any advice on a) whether anyone has experience, positive or negative, on fitting UK kitchens and bathrooms in France and b) if sourcing locally in France is more advisable, any recommended suppliers? I know IKEA is popular, but any others? Many thanks!

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Hello. From my many years of experience my initial piece of advice would be to pay particular attention to the diameters of all plumbing pipes/waste oulet and fittings if you were contemplating buying materials in the UK.

Concerning recommendations for suppliers in France/Grasse area any information surrounding the size and quality and naturally your budget you could supply would assist in suggesting potential suppliers.

Kind regards.

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Hi Victoria,

     I am a carpenter/joiner with over 30 years experience in furniture production and installation I have installed furniture for both Smallbone and Mark Wilkinson of Devises. I have just completed a project in Grasse using components from the UK and Sweden which was logistically demanding (Covid) but worth it in the end. It is difficult to give advice without defining your specific needs and not always a better idea to transport from the UK if you would like advice in person im happy to meet with you on the site My contact is

Kind Regards,


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Hello Victoria,

If you are looking for an English/French speaking project manager, I may be able to help: I am based in Le Rouret just next to Grasse. 

Have a look at my website: or contact me directly

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Thank you Antibes, Tony and Peter for your replies. In terms of bathrooms fittings, there are 4 en-suite bathrooms to fit out. We’d be looking for good quality items for a reasonable price. We’re not looking for a “designer” finish if that makes sense nor a super-budget finish, ideally we’d fall somewhere in between. Grohe, Duravit etc fittings for example.

Tony and Peter - thank you for providing your details, it’s great to know you are in the area and might be able to help, I will discuss with my parents and pass on your details.

Many thanks again everyone


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