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Hi Everyone - I have lived here for 20 years + have been getting UK channels through a Magbox (annoying as their catch up is only the last 7 days) and also "Sky TV" (with a satellite dish until they changed their footprint a few years ago.....and the reception became unreliable).  1) Has the Sky deal improved at all?(I have Netflix + Amazon Prime but seem to have exhausted everything on there!)2) I would like to know if we can get ITV Hub over here as it has lots of series worth watching.  Anyone got any ideas?Can anyone help?

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Tony2101 1612434513

If you want access to ITV hub, iPlayer, etc you need a good VPN and/or DNS proxy service. I use Unlocator, which has proven to be very reliable. Here is a link to their website:

You can sign up for a free trial.

brockles-321523 1612435964

too have lived in the area for over 20 years – and always managed to receive
all the UK channels during that time.  It
is true that a few years ago, the BBC, ITV channels etc. became a bit
intermittent because they tightened the beam to make it more focussed on the
UK.  However, they eased back later,
perhaps because outlying areas (Shetlands, Channel Islands) became weak.  It now works really well using a 1.25m dish with
a ‘low noise’ LNB and a Sky Box SKY+HD.  For
iPlayer, Catch Up, ITV Hub, etc.  I use
Unlocator, which I have found is relatively inexpensive, and can be used
simultaneously by several devices at the same addresses – and when travelling.  Hope this helps!

pavlova-284145 1612438273

Hi Tony + Brockles,

Many thanks for your help - will have to reinstate the dish which is languishing in the garden then! And start using Unlocator....

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