Building a wall next to a Chemin Rural (Rural Road)

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Hi all,  Can anyone tell me how close I can build a wall off my land, to a Chemin rural.Keep smiling,Chris 

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Hello, many factors to consider in advance, I would suggest initially you visit 'le service urbanisme' usually located at your local mairie to obtain precise detailed information concerning the enviroment related to your project.

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Thank Antibes for your advice. The only problem with going to the Maire is that he is very friendly with my neighbour who would be opposed to the idea, in this small community.  The road is a public road,  although it is a rural road mainly used by farmers and a few other people. 

Are you aware of any distancing up to a rural road?   

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To answer your question in a word no, I am not aware of distancing and would not even proffer any inaccurate advice without consulting local authorities for precise detail pertaining to the individual circumstances, particularly taking into consideration what appears to be an existing conflict with a neighbour to which you inferred in your previous reply. Regards.

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