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I own a villa on a domaine currently managed by Foncia. I, along with most of the co-owners, have been very disappointed with the level of service by Foncia for several years now. So we are interested in finding another company to look after the management of the domaine. Does anybody have any recommendations?Very many thanks

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Rob-Wilson-924828 1520936809

Hi, You can contact Floraa Rentals based in Cannes . Very good services, they are looking after my property well. Maybe they can help you.

Have a nice day

claireham 1520939997

Very many thanks for your reply Rob, I really appreciate it. Do they offer management of a whole domaine? It's not villa rentals we are looking for but a replacement for the company which manages and co-ordinates the insurance, communal services etc for our domaine. Can I ask, if you are on a domaine, which company manages your communal services?

appletrees-321263 1520957051

You do not say where abouts you are - might help.

claireham 1520965953

Thank you Appletrees. We are in the Saint Paul de Vence area.

Rob-Wilson-924828 1521018632

I see what you mean Claireham. Unfortunately Floraa Rentals do seasonal rentals and property management. If you require these service for your domaine they can help you well !

Maybe you can contact: for your present needs.

Hope it helps


claireham 1521102930

Many thanks Rob. I'll contact abado to see if they can help and I'll keep Floraa in mind too.

Best wishes, Claire

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