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Hello all property owners.We had a power cut on the 23rd May 2019. we called out an electrician from the Yellow Pages, the enterprise ETS MARTIN SERVICES NICE. The electrician arrived, he checked our LINKY smart box in the hallway and put back on the electric, the elctrician said we needed new parts in our fuse board, we believed and trusted him, we went shopping for about 1hour and he said everything was now fine, he they provided me with a invoice for 1634.37cents, labour was 234.74euros the balance of 1399.63 in spare parts, I was OK with the labour as they had a tarrif for labour on their invoice, however I did question the high cost of the 2 parts he said he fitted, so I trusted his professionalism and honesty. Within a few minutes of him leaving the electrics cut out again, I telephoned him and he said I should press the button on the LINKY smart box and it would be OK, I did this and the electric did come back on, that was until we put more than a kettle on, so I telephoned him again and he said he was too busy and suggested I use limited appliances, after my persistance he finally came back on the 27th May, he then tells me I have no contract with the EDF and that is why I had the power cuts, this is when the alarm bells rang, so I started to check his so called work, I found he had not changed any parts, and the parts he charged me for were in extreme excess of the norm, like his invoice stated a AEG 63 a 30ma Inter Differentiel @ 1189.16euros (amazon fr 62.46) and a AEG Disjoncteur 20a @61.50 (amazon fr 8.02euros) now that is a big rip off!! and he never even fitted the parts!! Anyway I sent them a recorded delivery letter and it was never collected and returned to me. It appears they work from an apartment in NICE as a plumbing agency, I believe they also have a locksmith company.I wish there was a way to have them arrested because they are crooks.If anyone needs copies of the invoice or recorded delivery details etc, please contact me.

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