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Anyone have a good and efficient electric heater that they would recommend? Looking at a Dyson one at the moment. Any one with any experience of it?

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There is no such thing as an efficient electric heater. Due to the laws of physics, they are all equally efficient at turning electricity to heat. 

However, there is a difference in how that heat is generated, that effects the warming ability in your home. Essentially there are 2 forms of heat - radiated heat or convected heat.

The dyson is an air heater, it generates heated air from its fan - so this is the convected heat category. I love dyson generally (and I own their normal fans), but dyson can not do this any better than a 20 euro fan heater.  But if the other design aspects of the dyson are valuable to you, then I am sure the dyson will be fine.

Generally with convected/air heating, they warm a space very quickly. So you will feel warm quickly. Heated air is easily lost though and so it can cool down quickly.

Radiated heat (think bar heater, patio heater, gas fire, hot water or oil filled radiator etc) feel warm if you stand in front, but generally are slower to heat a room compared to convected heating. However, the radiated heat means the objects in the room (furniture, walls etc) are all warming together and so it is a more stable and more comfortable heat in my view.

Personally I would tend to go for an electric radiator of some kind if this is a permanent heating installation. If you just want a portable device to move around the home or to boost a cold room occasionally, then the convected air/fan heater is probably a good choice. 

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We have used basic green house electric heaters to heat a house with no heating. They generate a gentle heat which can be adjusted and don't get too hot. They also seem quite safe. I don't remember what brand we had but would use them again if required.

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Thanks for all the advice and suggestions. I wish I'd paid attention during physics class at school. I think I learned more here than in 6 months worth of lessons!

Think the upshot is that the Dyson heaters are overpriced and not necessarily much better than any others.

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