Guaranteed roof repairs

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Hi our roof is leaking once again after spending a considerable amount of money on repairs two years ago!!! Sick and tired of looking at bucket in my dining room, can anyone recommend a company near Antibes/ Juan les pins area who will guarantee their repairs please?

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Sorry cannot recommend anyone - but just like to worn you to be on your toes with anyone you give job to. We had similar work done one hot summer and roof tiles were removed and the ''hole'' covered with tarpaulin but it poured with rain and water came down the walls etc ! It was worse than we thought because it took the ceiling about 3 years to dry out completely and we had to repaint it 4 times!

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I'd recommend A J Toit in Antibes.  They're not cheap but they do an excellent job. 

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Look up a reliable and experienced  local company ten years trading in france with a large client base of satisfied customers all work fully guaranteed  call 0640237965

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