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Hi There AllWe have bought a new Build Apartment in Antibes, and have a Kitchen we bought from Costorama that we need someone to fit for us. Can anyone recommend a Kitchen Fitter or Carpenter, who will do a fix only install for us. We are in Antibes and need it fitted in early May if possible.Thanks in anticipationRay.

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I can recommend someone who has many years' experience, Alastair, who is from Scotland.  His tel. number is 06 47 69 88 15.  He has done quite a lot of work for me.  Please note that I am not related to Alastair in any way, I am just making this recommendation on the basis of the quality of his work.  Also I paid as the work was being done, and it was all done in a fair and transparent manner.

  I have been caught out before  by local tradesmen, one recommended by a large national French estate agency. They generally want 30 % upfront and if you are not resident in France, forget it.  They ran rings around me and were phoning me for money all the time, saying they've done the work, when they had not, and knowing full well that I was not there to verify it.  This has had such a big impact on my psyche that I have become a hard person and will always stand my ground.  Once you have handed over money to these people, you will never get it back.  A huissier at Mechadier, Nice, stated it is a waste of time going to court to start a legal process.  9 times out of 10, even if you win a court judgement, the tradesman owns nothing that bailiffs can seize.  The van is leased and the property is rented, or if not, it is in his wife's name, as is all the furniture.  The bank account is a limited company, and as soon as a tradesman close a limited company down, he can open another one in a different name.

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Hi Nice Centre

Thank you very much for your response which is much appreciated, can you give me an idea as to what costs you paid Alastair and was he on a daily rate or price for the job etc.

Thanks in advance


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Specialist kitchen designer and installation expert phone 0778844454

regards Leon 

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