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My water bill has more than doubled and I need to do a search for a leak, has anyone done this and can give me an idea of how much it costs? I'm in a flat, about 100m2 and I can see no evidence of water leaking anywhere! None of the taps drip and i can't see humidity in the walls.I'm worried this may turn out to be expensive...

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An easy way to ascertain if you have a leak your side of the meter would be to make sure all taps etc are turned off and take a meter reading, leave for a few hours and see if it registers usage. Perhaps if you go out for  the day you could try this?

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Thanks for the reply. Yes I did that - I read the meter before bed time, used no water and checked the next morning and 7 litres of water had been used. So I know there is definitely a leak, it's just finding it that concerns me... And how

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If you are in an apartement and there are no evidence of any water damage your leak is most likely from a leaky toilet (they can be very silent but run your water bills up) or

it could be your boiler pressure release valve that is dripping into the attached drain. 

For the toilet, put some food coloring into the reservoir. If the water in the bowl change color in a couple of minutes it is the toilet. Hope that is helpful. That would avoid getting a professional leak detection company which is rather expensive.

Hope that is helpful

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I did check the toilet, it doesn't seem to be that. How do I check the boiler pressure release valve?

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turn it off with the red(?) valve and do the same water meter readings as you did before.

You will find that this is your "leak" but it is not a leak, just poor maintenance from the homeowner

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I had the boiler serviced a few weeks ago, and i do it regularly, I can try that if i find the red valve thingy :-)


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Have you informed and asked the management of the building for advice on this matter or any of the neighbours - such as the flat below to ask if they see damp stains?  Have you searched for damp spots on the exterior/communal parts to try to locate where any damage might be? Has any work been done in your/other flats or the communal area that may have damaged the pipes? Can you find out how old the pipe work may be and what the pipes are made of?

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Hmmm, the building joining ours was demolished a year ago and they have been working on a new one for a year, that's when the bills started to go up...

I did actually think it was the chantier using my water, but I checked the meter at night and then the next morning and it had gone up, so couldn't be them as their was no-one working.

But pipe damage to the building is possible, yes I will see with the neighbours.


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If you cannot find any leak - then the meter must be defective. Can you tell the water company to check it as you have done everything you can?

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Just an update on this - I rang my household insurance, they will send a plumber and pay for the first hour as well as the plumber's 'deplacement'. If any walls, tiles, floors need to be smashed to fix the leak, they pay for that to be fixed too. Any water damage will be paid for to me or my neighbours.

I will have to pay a few hours of the plumber's time probably. If I fix this within 2 months of getting the water bill, any extra I have had to pay for on my water bill is also reimbursed.

If the damage is caused by the building site next door - then I will pay for nothing, and they take care of any paperwork etc that may be involved.

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