Why I do not have enough hot water to take shower?

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Hello! I am from the US. I rented an apartment in Nice through Airbnb for a month, everything is very nice, but I do not have enough hot water to take shower. I have to stop my shower for an hour, then go back in. I told my landlady, she said she "augmantez en peu" but it is not enough. She said she used to live in this apartment before by herself and it was enough for her. I have to say that I do use a lot of hot water for my daily showers, but I do not find it "too much", maybe more than the average person, but it is still within the normal human limits.The reason I mentioned that I am from the US, is that I have never had this type of problem there, so I need to understand how and why it is different here. I also have to say that I paid a lot for this AIrbnb place. But my main concern is that I am planning to stay here for a long time, so I gonna rent an apartment and I need to understand what to ask for from my future landlords, so I wouldn't have the same problem again. What type of buildings I should look for? It is very important for me to have a descent amount of hot water. It makes my face look good, it depuffs it. And I have greasy hair, so I need a lot of hot water to degrease my scalp.Sorry for all these intimate details..

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Because you want to use more water than the volume of the tank, is the direct answer. If the apartment has it's own heating / hot water system, then it will have a fixed volume hot water tank. Often, the smaller the apt, the smaller the tank (less people needing the hot water). Some apartment blocks have a communal hot water system: you will have 'unlimited' hot water, but it's flow and temperature will depend upon the number of people using the system (This is also true of hotels, even the most expensive).

Water is a precious commodity around the Med, so in general large volume tanks etc are not to be found.

You may have to find a way to adapt whilst living in NIce? I have Australians staying with me at the moment, and they are used to a 30s timer on their showers!

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How do I know if I have fixed hot water tank? I have something like a closet and inside on top there is a tank, which says "Ariston". It has arrows, buttons, I wish I could attach a picture..

So if I rent an apartment with a communal water system, there is a chance I will have more hot water, or not necessarily, I am confused..

And what is the situation with the hot water supply in other parts of Europe? I have never lived there, I do not know.

Some days I really need a lot of hot water, the other days I don't. I really cannot change this habit of mine. And I plan to stay in Europe for good.

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In the most sincere way I try to state this, you can't expect US standard of "excessive consumption" in Europe. This is culture difference (amongst many others) you need to adapt to, if you plan to stay here.

Saying that, there is no normal way in Europe, and even in this region, each dwelling will be different, as there is a variety of different types. 

If you want unlimited hot water, you need a private, instant hot water system, rather than a tank or communal. This is a boiler (slightly smaller than a kitchen cabinet) that takes mains (cold) water, and runs from gas, and heats the water as you use it.

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Your electric hot water tank ( ariston ) is too small. Probably 50 or 75 litres.

What is the approx. size of this "ariston" unit?

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The brand '' Ariston'' is also well known in UK as a  company the make a rang of heating devices - as you can see by googling  ''Ariston''. You may have a gas boiler producing your hot water. Whatever you have you should be able to get as much hot water as you want. You need something you are satisfied with by winter.

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Can you control the flow of water in the shower? My wife always runs out of hot water (from our 100 litre tank) because she has it on full blast. I have it on half flow and never have the problem that she has.

Saves money too! :-)

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If you need 'more' hot water you will need to rent an apartment that has a big enough reservoir or a constant supply system. If your present set up is not suitable you will have to move. Perhaps you will need to find an apoartment where the tenant pays the water and electricity bills as most landlords would not have budgeted for your excessive use. Water is a limited commodity in the south. 

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" Water is a limited commodity in the south " , says who ??  is that why the guys who sweep up the leaves / litter off the streets leave crystal clear water running down the streets for days on end

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Hi we live in a 12 year old 3 bedroom apartment and have never had problems with amount of hot water in fact we had 5 visitors last month and did not run out. (A lot of the time it's too hot!) it's a tank run on electricity (quite large approx 4ft tall) we rent and pay for elec but not water 

So I presume it really depends on the property you are renting especially the age. I'm sure you can find a property that can accommodate your needs 

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