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Hi, can anyone give me some advice on how easy/quick it is to get hooked up to Wifi (not satellite TV) in France, please?

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itinerant child-414831 1487604613

If you are referring to public wifi,then lots of the cafe's and bars have it now for free. sometimes you need a password,sometimes it is open.

If you are referring to getting an internet connection at home,then that question is away from me,as I live in my camper van :-)

Jo-Lloyd-892721 1487605074

Thanks, I am looking for info on getting it at home. 

Ferney-France 1487664882

Hi, it's pretty easy to get WIFI for your home, you need to subscribe to one of the many providers either over the phone or by going into one of their stores (for example Bouygues, Orange or SFR).

You can find a list of providers here https://www.angloinfo.com/how-to/france/riviera/housing/setting-up-home/internet 

Jo-Lloyd-892721 1487682324

That's great, thank you.  Do you know roughly how long it takes to get up and running, or does it differ by supplier?

A.E. 1487706831

Call Orange. You get a telephone line and depending on where you live, fibre optic internet for 35 EUR per month. They can usually do it within a week or so quicker without fibre.

Jo-Lloyd-892721 1487778801

Fantastic.  Thanks so much.

itinerant child-414831 1487783047

I am not trying to knock what has been said by any means,and I ask this with education in mind.

Should the question be " how do I get hooked up with an internet connection " ?

Isnt wifi the signal that goes from your computer to other devices?

Please excuse me asking,its just good to know these things nowadays.

Bonne soiree tout le monde x

Jo-Lloyd-892721 1487784156

I'm sure you're right itinerant child-414831, but I got the answer I needed so it's all good. :)

itinerant child-414831 1487837459

I have an inkling that it may be so,but dont know for sure,but hey,as you say,you have got the answer you were looking for and that it is indeed good.

Hope you sort it out very soon and get a bargain to boot.

Love and light

Jamie x

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