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Hi I am proposing free remodeling or upgrades labor in exchange to stay in home/apartment rent free during the slow rental months. Once work is completed we can either continue living there paying rent or move out for you to holiday rent.  Carpentry, plumbing, electrical, tiling, painting everything done to high standard with 40 years experience. 

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I'm looking for suggestions as to what plants might be suitable for a balcony that might not get used (or the plants watered) for up to two months at a time. Would anything survive that!?Also, hardy indoor plants that might be suitable for a communal area in an apartment block.Thanks!

started by: Lillit-994653 · last update: 1479057760 · posted: 1479057760

I can recommend him: he´s just finished renovating our flat. He is very skilful, reliable and not expensive, and can do everything: plumbing, renovating (interior and exterior works), electricity , etc.He speaks French, Italian and some English. You can e-mail me for  his contacts.

started by: mikeinfrance-10060084 · last update: 1478619318 · posted: 1478619318

I'm urgently looking for professional advice for the building of a chimney in a house.Please contact me by phone or e-mail.  Tel 0632678393.  Thank you.I live in Menton.

started by: GreenHead · last update: 1478357815 · posted: 1478208017

Hi, We are moving from Nice and need to buy bubble wrap.Does anyone know where we could buy a fairly large amount?Many thanks.

started by: Vernon2 · last update: 1478333059 · posted: 1478251150

Hi. Anyone know of specialist gardeners who can inspect a palm tree.  Ours in Nice is looking pretty poorly 

started by: ann-max-195789 · last update: 1478034313 · posted: 1477905454

We are looking for a painter to do some work, it would probably require some scaffolding. We are in St Paul, if anyone has a recommendation.

started by: burkovich · last update: 1477825452 · posted: 1475654186

I would like to highly recommend a very dedicated and hardworking team who recently successfully completed some projects for us in Roquefort les Pins. The projects included the complete renovation of 2 bathrooms and the building of a new 2 car garage. We have had lots of experience of building and renovation in the area and these are without doubt the best team we have encountered. Punctual, focused, good with ideas and practical solutions, communicate well, and are most importantly people you can trust to complete the project with a good balance of quality and value.Call Daniel direct on 0768565490 or danypit80@gmail.comFor reference call David Burke 0618019325

started by: Leslie Sadler · last update: 1477762943 · posted: 1477482228

Can anyone help repair my McCulloch (Briggs & Stratten) lawn mower, it runs for a few seconds after priming and stops, I have cleaned the air filter and changed the spark plug all to no avail.I have the manual for the mower and the engine but there is nothing in there for Trouble Shooting or fault finding.Cheers Les

started by: worklifeprof · last update: 1477339340 · posted: 1474370518

We have a villa with cracks due to an inadequate foundation (the cracks are only occurring in the part of the house that was added to an existing structure). We need to find a company that specialises in stabilising foundations under existing houses to prevent further cracks from forming. Has anyone had a positive experience with a company for this kind of work? 

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Does anyone know a good, reliable builder for a complete refurb of a I bed apartment in JLP. Needs new bathroom, kitchen, wardrobes and painting throughout...some English would be good! Thank you in advance for any help you can give! 

started by: Dexter34 · last update: 1477209557 · posted: 1477061125

Hi, I hope somebody can help.We need a refrigerator repair person in Valbonne. Anybody know one or have a recommendation? Thanks..

started by: kcw26 · last update: 1476989278 · posted: 1347046411

Anyone know of a Tree surgeon in the Cagnes sur mer area.  We have a palm that needs trimming and a large tree cutting down. 

started by: michael lange-219337 · last update: 1476989038 · posted: 1421418070

we are seeking professional tree removal company which can also obtain a license with le cannet mayrie to reduce the time frame for approval, which is required in our case. any professional gardening or other companies please reply to michael.lange.int13@gmail.com also be glad to be receiving in my private email suggestions from anyone with suitable companies to carry out such works thanks, michael

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Hi all,Brand new to the forum, happy to find what seems to be a great community. I have a question, which may actually belong in the legal section, but I'll try first here. A few years back, I built an annex to my house where I opted for a very nice, very expensive oak flooring. L'Atelier du Parquet in Antibes laid it, and it looked great for a few months. Then it started to warp, horribly, beyond the normal settling of wooden floors, according to second opinions. We're talking half an inch of difference between height in floors, it hurts to walk on and I can visibly see floor boards concaving. The second opinion said they likely laid the floor on the wrong foundation. (I can't see a place here to upload photos?)At this point, L'Atelier du Parquet is refusing to fix it, and have stopped responding to my emails. They want payment for fixing it, despite it being part of the contract that they should come align the floor, which they never did. Their claim is, since it's been 2.5 years, it's no longer their responsibility. I'm thinking a €10,000.00 floor in an annex should look good even after 25 years. What are my options here? My French is limited, but I loathe to let such incredibly poor customer service go by unchecked, so willing to put some time into chasing this. Many thanks for any input,Christopher

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What size satellite dish would I need to install to comfortably receive UK Freesat in these 'ere parts?

started by: Maggie-Harwood-857223 · last update: 1475677743 · posted: 1473258194

HelloWe are looking for a 3-4 bedroom home to rent long term in the Antibes area.We are currently renting in the area but the owner is returning to live in his house by November 2016, we are looking for a 2+ year rental.We are a family of 4 with a son in college in Sophia.Thank you in advance. Maggie

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Hopefully someone has a solution to this! I haven't had a bill from Lyonnaise des Eaux for some time despite emailing them the meter readings several times - they just ignored the emails. Now they've sent me a bill for over 1000 euros, which is fine for the time period - but I can't seem to find any way to pay it! I'm in the UK and I don't have a French chequebook at the moment because it ran out so I can't post them a cheque. I can't pay it online by transfer from my French bank account because they haven't given my their account details as far as I can see. And if I go onto the Lynonnaise des Eaux website to pay by credit card you have to create an online account first - and every time I try I get a message saying there's a technical error and I should try again later. I've been trying to create an online account for several months now (even before I got the bill, because I thought they might accept the meter reading that way) and have always had this same message. Again they've completely ignored emails about it. And I can't phone them to pay it because the 0800 number for payment doesn't work from the UK. Anyone got any ideas? I really want to pay this asap, because the covering letter with the bill said that if I didn't pay it immediately they'd add charges - which is ridiculous since they have refused to send a bill previously.

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My washing machine has packed up - please can anyone recommend someone who can come out to take a look? Names and numbers of someone tried and tested please! Thank you

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Looking for information on a sound proofing solution to be applied to a wall between apartments.  We are listening to each other's television programs and neither are turned up volume ! 

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