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Looking for information on a sound proofing solution to be applied to a wall between apartments.  We are listening to each other's television programs and neither are turned up volume ! 

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Hi everyone, does anyone selling their unwanted outdoor table? If you know anyone or if you have one sitting n the garage and wants to dispose / sell, please do kindly email me the price and perhaps the photo too? Thanks (mariannfranciosi@gmail.com)

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Hi, does anyone know a good handyman in the Valbonne area?  Painting/decorating and general maintenance?  Thank you!

started by: andrewandrewball · last update: 1475146825 · posted: 1472741184

I need a company to fix my sky tv system and add some extensionsall the ones advertising simply ignore email requests for quotes or servicedoes anyone know a reliable company preferably with an english speaking person 

started by: Martin Haich · last update: 1475146741 · posted: 1465905502

we have a sky box but can no longer get english channels.does anyone know how to get BBC ITV etc channels without using a viewing card?

started by: Antibes50 · last update: 1474754333 · posted: 1448239768

Hi Can anyone recommend a good plumber who can service a gas boiler? Preferably English speaking. Many thanks.  

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I am searching for small apartment in return of gardening/maintenance work, child care and pet sitting and I am looking anywhere around Grasse, Mougins or vence area.I am friendly, great with children, love animals and gardening, I have a full and clean driving license.If you know someone for this exchange, please do not hesitate to contact me. Many thanks

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Hello everyone, a firend of mine is moving to a Villa in Golfe Juan, it appears that he will not receive waste bins from the commune .I just wondered if anyone knew how many bins, the size and colourthat he made need to buy, and where if possible.Thanks for anyones time.Peter

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In the UK one can buy anti-climb or anti-burglar paint, but I cannot find the equivalent here in France. We need to paint the top of our gate and fence to "discourage" unwanted visitors. What do the French call it? The police did not "recommend" barbed wire! 

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Hi Im looking for an english speaking plumber and also electrician in the Grasse area any help would be much appreciated .

started by: andrewandrewball · last update: 1474194538 · posted: 1472740927

I am looking to buy some lengths of distressed wood to make an exterior table topany ideas where I might find some 

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We have been away for a short while, and upon return have found a large bees nest inside one of our window frames. We live about 40 miles north of Nice, and would be grateful if anyone could advise if they know any specialists who could remove this nest and relocate it somewhere. It is currently dripping with honey, and we don't wish to kill the bees.

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Is it just me or is the Orange e-mail service the worst ever ? Waiting ages for e-mails to open. Screens disappearing. Site crashing. And I get 6mb download speed on my internet connection so it's not the link. 

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Does anyone know if this is necessary after a few years? What are the costs? I suppose the pool has to be emptied out? We are thinking of having an ionized system instead of the chlorine  - has any one got any info. about doing this? It seems easier than salt. Might be best to do the 2 jobs together. Thanks

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Hello, Does anyone know Where to get an RFID gate key fob duplicated around Nice area. ? Thanks. 

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Looking for a steam wallpaper remover, I am in Nice. If you have one, please reply here with details, thanks.

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Hello there,last year I bought a bed in Conforama and was surprised to be offered a range of bed legs in different heights which were sold separately. I have another bed which also has screw in legs and as I want to use the area under the bed for storage for suitcases etc, I want to buy longer legs (so the area under the bed is higher). Unfortunately Conforama have moved out of TNL so I was wondering if anyone can direct me to another shop near Nice centre where I could buy some please?and thanks,

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I'm looking for a gardener once per week in Eze village area.Pls email me if you are interested or know anyone.Thanks !

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    Recommendation on a garden maintenance firm in the 06 area please

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