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Hello. We are a small construction team(2 persons) with a 10 years experience. We are searching for jobs In interior or exterior of the apartments or villas in France. We speak English, Italian and Romanian. If you are interested about a collaboration don't hesitated to contact me via email or 00393494315857. Greetings 

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I am looking for an English speaking plumber to plumb a mains cold water supply to my terrace from my kitchen approx. 8 metres.

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I am looking for an nglish speaking plumber as my French is as yet rubbish but improving. I require a mains cold water supply plumber to my terrace from my kitchen, approx 8  metres.

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Would anybody have experience with swimming pool repairs? Our pool has cracks. It is a painted pool and it would need to be totally sanded, repaired and painted. It will probably take a week to come work. I am most grateful for any support !!

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seeking expert Lawyer to assist with claim against pool builder / his insurance. Please forward any contacts, of of lawyer ideally with some English, to Michael.lange.int13@gmail.comthank you, Michael 

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Hello.I am looking to buy for well established citrus trees, orange, lemon, grapefruit, clementine. I have visited many of the garden centers in the Grasse/Nice area but can't find quite what I am looking for. Thank you

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Hi All, I am interested to buy an apartment in the ramparts, but unfortunately I have discovered humidity in/on mostly all of the walls. I know of course its common in ancient building's, but I have no idea the extent of how bad it is, and I'm reluctant to progress with the purchase because of it. Can anyone recommend a reputable builder/surveyor/humidity expert who has many years experience working in the old town who can give me their opinion. YouTube can only get me so far. It could be a multitude of reasons, wrong plaster the walls, wrong cement, wrong grouting between the rocks inside the walls, no air circulation, condensation, water leak or rain damage etc..  Really like this apartment and would be sad to walk away, so looking forward to hearing your advice on how I should proceed. Thanks in advance!! 

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We live in England and have just agreed to sell our 4 bed house in Antibes.   Almost everything has to go - TV, washing machine, dryer, lawnmower, beds, table, chairs, armchairs, cupboards, etc.  We are really pushed for time in the next few months, so will need to clear everything within a single week, which makes it difficult to have a garage sale, or to advertise stuff.  Are there any companies which will take this sort of stuff - hopefully the cost of clearance offset by the value of what they take?  There are also a few things (glass table and garden table, wi-fi and radio) which we would like back in England.  Are there any companies which will ship stuff like that at a reasonable price as a part load to Nottingham?  Thanks, Art

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I own a villa on a domaine currently managed by Foncia. I, along with most of the co-owners, have been very disappointed with the level of service by Foncia for several years now. So we are interested in finding another company to look after the management of the domaine. Does anybody have any recommendations?Very many thanks

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We have an apartment in the Grand Duc in Mandelieu. Our usual bilingual agent as unfortunately become ill and had to go back to the UK for treatment.  We are looking for someone who could manage the keys and clean for holiday lettings. Could anyone recommend someone?

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Does anybody know of anybody in Nice area who does air&b key and clean service for airb&b? need to be english speaking.Thanks ! 

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SEE YOUR HOME IN A WHOLE NEW LIGHTPROFESSIONAL, AFFORDABLE HOME REMODELINGBased in Sanremo on the beautiful Italian Riviera, Seaside Renovations has been helping homeowners improve their properties for several years. Our honest approach of professionalism and accountability will change the way you think about home remodeling, renovation and repairs. If you're in La Côte d’Azur or Liguria, contact us for all your renovation needs. www.seaside-renovations.comTaulant can be contacted at th@seaside-renovations.com or +39 327 049 1504

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I would like to recommend an excellent electrician who has just finished rewiring all the electrics in our house in Villefranche as well as installing beautiful lighting up an outdoor staircase and lights around the swimming pool. Christopher is not only a very serious worker , he is 100% reliable, honest and punctual. I can't recommend him highly enough. You can see his website at ct-electricite.fr or contact him on 0623760285 between 8am and 7pm.

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Hello angloinfo community ! Can anybody help me with finding somebody in Nice area who repairs shutters? Thanks so much :)

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