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We are snowed in and our electric gate will not open! Unprepared for this! 

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Our swimming pool is round, 10 m diameter and cracked. I would need some concienous person who could repair the cracks and sand the pool and repaint it. Anybody with the will power to repair our pool is most appreciated. I am near Mouans Sartoux ! I am so grateful for any help on this pool.

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I'm trying to replace some traditional Provencal roof tiles on my roof...can anybody recommend a supplier who will let me buy a small number..say 20-30 ?Thanks in advance

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Hi there, looking for recommendations of good companies that are reasonable to tarmac our drive, its quite long c70m. Thanks 

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Hello, does anyone know a good company that fits double glazing at a fair price in Nice thanks

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Hi, we have an 11x5 metre pool and we want to replace the liner.Does anyone have an educated guess as to the cost for someone to supply and fit a new one of decent quality rather than the thinnest material.We are in Vence and if anyone also has a good recommendation of a company to use that would be appreciated.Many thanks in advance

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Hello Angloinfo community! Please can anybody tell me where the best deals in household paint around Nice?Thanks in advance :)

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I would appreciate any advice and feedback re deploying solar panels to reduce my electricity bills and reduce my carbon footprint.  I have read many articles on this website (Thank you).  I am looking to find an approved company to start planning and installation.

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Hi there, just wondering if there is a chance of adding a double bed to a part load going to Dubin wihtin the next 8 weeks or so? jackrussell

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Bonjour mes amis (hello my friends),I hope that this message finds you all well and positive.   I am a landscape gardener who travels around france in my camper working in most of the regions and am at this moment working down in cavaliere on the coast between le lavendou and st tropez.   The job that I am doing here as well as the annual garden tidy is fixing up all the old steps and repairing a lot of the terraced walls that have fallen down over the years. Unfortunately I will not have time to do it all this visit as I have obligations with other clients,so will have to return later in the year and apart from that I shall be running out of stone soon.   The stone that I have been using is pretty much just mountain rocks and field stones which do the job nicely.   If anyone out there has got a pile of stones-rocks that they dont want and wouldnt mind having them removed little by little over a stretch of time then please email me on gerdweller@hotmail.co.uk , or send me a text on 0673 631 996.    I have only got my camper so could only take a few away at a time,but if you had quite a large collection,I could maybe sort out a small lorry and a couple of lads to help out as I made this connection last year when we needed to get a lot of rubbish taken to the tip.   I shall be here for about another two weeks before I have to head up to the Dordogne for my next Job and probably will not be back here on the south coast until much later in the year due to quite a big work load on throughout the country.   I went down to have a look at stone for sale in the local towns and the only stone they had was dressed and was a ludicrous price,in fact,the most expensive that I have seen in france,and as someone who specializes in dry stone walling,I have seen a lot of prices.Over 400euros per M3 !!! A cubic metre does not go very far,that I can assure you.   Anyhow,am more on the scrounge for just normal stone from say hand sized upwards to the size of a breadbin that anyone may want removed which will save you having to pay to get rid of it or do runs to the decheterie and at the same time earn you a very good bottle of wine of the colour of you choice.   Maybe one day we will consider buying any good building stone any of you possess as the house and garden are built into the mountain side and the earth is always on the move with ground movement and hard rain,so quite a few small retaining walls have to get put in to help stop the mess that occurs after such movement.    Wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2018.Love and stuff to allJamie x

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Does anyone know where we can buy old cast iron radiators from in this area?Thanks

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Can anybody recommend a company who can perform annual maintence on gas central heating system and also provide annual breakdown cover. Looking for something sismilar to services offered by British Gas.

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Can anyone recommend an English speaking Expert du Batiment to act on behalf of property owners with water damage from an adjoining building please. ThanksJohn

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Happy New Year! We have an electric radiator in bathroom which has a remote control timer that is no longer working. Battery has been replace and one English good electrician looked at it but had never seen anything like it.  We think it needs someone who specialises in remote control (?). Does anyone know about them? Thanks.

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Hi.We live in a small village to the north of Nice. We wish to add a small 2m x3m glass lean to conservatory onto the outside of our property, but on reading various web pages we are getting more and more confused. Some sites say that if the construction is less than 20 square metres, no planning permission is required. Others say that anything larger than 2 square metres requires permission. We had assumed that, as with the UK, conservatories are classed as temporary structures and do not require permission below a certain height and floor area.Any guidance or advice on actual requirements will be greatly appreciated, as we were on the verge of ordering the parts.HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE.

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Could someone give me a rough idea of the monthly costs for garden maintenance and pool cleaner for an average sized pool and garden.Secondary residence.Pool is narrow and long..I would say 6m x 2.5 m and garden around 1000m..no special planting. thanks

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Hello,  I am looking for a company in the field of gardening and pool maintenance for the apartment in Cannes. Please contact me by email. Thank you! Jessie 

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Hi all, My new  e.l.m leblanc boiler is working fine but it's been two years since it was installed in 2015. I feel I should get it serviced. Can any folks recommend a reliable boiler firm/guy to take a peek?Many thanks! 

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Hi, can anyone tell me if there are any drop boxes for used clothes in La Ciotat or nearby? Or, any charity centres that receive these items? Thanks! 

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Does anyone know if you can get an oven cleaner in, as you can in the UK,   I'm in Nice 

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