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Vic 06 62 04 23 40

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Anyone please help to identify a lot of beatles around our Hibiscus bushes, it's 1 cm long, red back with two distinct black spots, & black triangle, is it friend or FOE please! ??  win

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Can ANY mobile phone be used with a pre-paid SIM card once it's unlocked? I really hate mobiles, but am going to have to get one. My husband has an old Motorola that had an SFR contract at one time. Can I take this to one of those "debloquage" places and then buy, let's say, a Carte Nomad from Bouygues? If so, does anyone know how much does it cost to unlock a phone? Lana

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Having recently moved to the South of France am looking to throw a largish party to celebrate. Am therefore wondering if anyone out there might be able to recomend a good catering service on the Cote d'Azur. Cheers, Pete

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I have a new Dell computer and have passed my old NEC computer onto my husband to play with (not computer literate yet).  He switched on yesterday, the light on the tower came on and on the screen but not on the keyboard.   It sounded as though it booted up but the screen shows 'No signal'.  All connections seem firmly fitted to the tower.  What has occurred ????  Any suggestions please.

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Can someone please advise, I did think of labouring through a conversation with a french electrician but I don't think I'm up to that. We bought a small apartment in Villefranche, totally renovated and all new inside. Bought new kettle in France but everytime we turn it on everything else goes off, so before making a cuppa we have to ensure that nothing else except the fridge is running. Do we need some sort of booster for the electrical system, or do we have to learn to live with it? Any suggestions appreciatedlynnette

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Hi Folks, Is anyone having problems logging into their wanadoo email account. Each time I tried to log in today it accepts my username and password but then when I go to read my messages it logs me out again, is their message server down or what. Thanks for any advice in advance  Carol

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I have a DVD player on my computer.  I use Windows Media Player to view DVDs on the computer but want to connect my computer to my TV (French bought 1 year ago) so that I can view them on the TV screen.  I bought the computer (Presario 900) in UK last November.  I also bought a cable-thing to connect the computer to the TV with another plug-thing which has in/out written on it.  However, I have no idea how to change from the computer screen to the TV screen. Do I need something else - more cables, software?  Please help and please use plain English. Thanks, Dumbo  

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Does anyone know about how much the monthly rent would be for a cave? I'm in Cannes if that makes any difference and I'm talking about a cave with its own door in an apartment building and not a commercial service like Homebox. Lana

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I need to paint over some rather awful brown kitchen wall tiles. In the UK I would buy tile paint.. can I buy it here and what is it called?.  Thanks.

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Hi there,I have simba 202 satellite(From Aston). I would like to connect 3 LNBs. I am using a normal switch(Disq 2.0). When connecting the switch I only get one signal either Hotbird or Astra but not both. I've tried 2 different switches and no success...it only enter 1 signal, so I don't know whether it is coming from the switch or the receiver. I have swapped all the switch and LNB options in the installations Menu and tested them one by one and still getting the same results....Please advice!!Regards,Hasni.hbekkay@yahoo.comRegards,Hasni,hbekkay@yahoo.com

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  Hi,  We are going to do some renovation work inside the house such as moving the existing kitchen into the living room, changing windows, doors also to install gas central heating. Does anyone know if we need permission of our local Mairie?  Thanks Sue

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Help, we need some advice, does anyone know how to get adsl in Roquefort Les Pins if your french is not good enough to read a french site???  Thanks in advance

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Does anyone know of any public rubbish dumps near Antibes? We have a fair amount of largish trash to get rid of, building refuse and old cupboards.  It'll fit in the car, but we need to know where to drive it.  Do they have public rubbish dumps where you can drive your rubbish and unload it for free around here?  If so, where near Antibes?

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I am looking for a shop that specialises in pond and water gardens, as I want to construct a cascade feature for my fishpond.   I live in Haut Var but know that I will probably have to travel for such a shop.  Any replies welcome. 

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Does anyone know where I can take my painted (peeling) wooden shutters and get them dipped? Anywhere near Cagnes, Antibes, Cannes area. Thanks

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OK, how do you say surge protector in French? And how much can I expect to pay? I'm betting it's at least double the US prices. The power strip is just not cutting it and I've already replaced my grilled PSU which was a challenge, given the level of (ahem!) customer service I've been encountering. I needed a PSU with certain special connectors and not to have some clueless salesman say "oh, all power supplies are standard (NOT!)" without even looking at what I was holding in my hand. BTW, I can recommend www.yourland.fr for having a website with adequate technical info (at least for important stuff like motherboards and PSUs), reasonable prices (at least for what I needed), plus surprisingly speedy service. They even do a customer satisfaction survey and have a real bricks and mortar shop in Paris. While we're at it; what's the French for UPS? My techie vocabulary is a little limited and it's not easy to find these terms in a normal dictionary. Lana

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Hello I have just purchased a very expensive piece of electrical equipment from the United States. I have also bought a cheap "radio shack" step down transformer i.e. Input: 220 to 240 VAC, Output: 110 to 120 VAC at 50 HZ. 1600 watts. My new piece of equipment runs at 110 vac @ 60 Hz. 37 Watts Before I plug the new piece of kit in would someone be so kind to answer any of the following questions: Question 1:The equipment uses 37 watts and the transformer can dish out 1600, could I break it if I plug it in? Question 2:Is the transformer using the power regardless of what I plug into it? Question 3:The equipment runs at 60hz as opposed to 50, could this pose a problem too?Question 4: (at last!)Can anyone recommend a Step down transformer/ Voltage converter that may be better suited for my needs. Where can I buy one? (I live in Mougins) Any advice would be very much appreciated. Kind regards Ben

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I am tring to populate search engines with our villa details - I have used meta tags but without any luck.Any advise or information would be greatly received. bye

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I wonder if anyone can help? we have purchased a small cabanon in the Var. I know there are some pretty tough restrictions on building so called extras. I realy want to build a biggish wooden barn to use as a workshop maybe a tiled roof and one for my ducks and chickens! Do i need planning is the question. I realy want to know what i can get away with without having to go through planning. I was told wooden structures are ok but of course i will need a concrete base.  Maybe i should have just have worked harder and bought a larger house? i would appreciate any advice.Wendy

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