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We are soon to be moving to the Riviera on a permanent basis and are reviewing what we should take with us and what to bin. With the regard to electrical appliances which are worth keeping and fitting with a french socket (are there any voltage differences)???? The items we are looking at keeping are : TV (this will be hooked to French cable not sat or terrest) will it work???Stacking sterio hi-fi systemKettleToaster2 Laptop computers1 Desktop computer1 PrinterA variety of lamps etc. Any advice or experience of doing this gladly accepted!! TIA Jo / SeanJoanna King

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I don't know if anyone can help but I bought a beautiful orange tree about 5 weeks ago (just before the winds, rain) etc and it looks really ill. It has been in the sun as instructed but most of the leaves have fallen off now and it is not taking up water from the dish below the pot - I fear it might have died? I would be extremely grateful if someone could advise me on what I should do with it next. Many thanks

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I'm moving to Mougins and want to bring a DVD player that I've just bought in the UK.  Does anyone know if this will be compatable with the French tv that will be in my rental villa? Or do do I need to bring my UK TV with me? Also, will French dvds work on the UK machine? Advice much needed.

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Does anyone know anything about these gadgets please? Any recommendations/warnings about them and are they available locally? Many thanks Jill

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Does anyone know if you need special permission to build a pond in your back garden? We have 4 ducks who have already packed their suitcases ready for life in sunnier climes but they want to know if they will have anywhere to swim once they get here. Many thanks in advance! Wendy  

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I just received a second hand Motorola phone from Ireland. It was a bill phone (on the Eircom network) i.e. not pre paid. When I insert my French Orange pre paid card it says "Invalid Sim card - please enter special code." It tells me that it is an 8-digit number. Does this mean that I need a PUK code or something else to be able to use it over here? Locating the PUK is not an option. The person I go the phone from almost certainly doesn't have it. Will I be able to use this phone at all with my sim card here? Please advise. Thanks, Padraig

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I have found a house-sitter, but neither of us knows what a fair rate would be for his services. The job would involve taking care of my dogs, cats and horses, but no housekeeping.Does anyone have any experience with house-sitters, and what they normally earn?Thanks in advance....

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I have an extra large florentine cypress which must be cut down and chopped into fire wood. It is too close to the house. Can any one refer a company which can quote on the job. The property is in Vallauris.

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Riveting topic I know.... Fingers crossed, my boyfriend and I will soon be the proud new owners of a small (emphasis on small) cottage in beautiful France.  The house currently comprises one room with a 'charming' open-plan kitchen/toilet area.  The former owner liked his vin rouge quite a lot so maybe there were logistical reasons for placing the toilet directly next to the fridge. We have a bit of land but no planning permission.  Would the restriction on planning also extend to putting in an outside toilet/shower room?  The cottage is really very small so it would make more sense for us to build a small outhouse to contain our washing facilities.  Would we be allowed to do this even though there is no planning permission on the land? Many thanks WendyWendy

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I know this question probably comes up a million times but...next month I'm getting the keys to a newly built apartment.  The electricity will already be on but I will need to visit an EDF office to set up an account and choose a tariff (hoping the developers have chosen the cheap option, so I won't have to change it, LOL)  Does anyone know if EDF produce an English language guide to the tariffs (on line??) and if they have a translated form?  I'm currently in London.  I know French Telecom have an English language website and an office in London, wondering if EDF has same.  Many thanks.  Just came across this site - I'm a newbie. Gather it's for S.France?  My French apt is located in Dinard (Bretagne).

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Anyone out there know anyone who fits glass in doors? The glass in the door into loungeoom of our apartment shattered and we need to replace it asap with non see-through glass. Assuming we get the dimensions, is there anyone out there who can do this type of work...or point me in the right direction... cheers emma  

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Where is the best place to buy electrical/household/garden goods in Biot/Antibes area? Also, is it possible to buy a slow cooker in France?

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Moved from belgium to france. can't figure out which is easiest and cheapest system I should take: need french phone number plus want to have internet acces (to use outlook express) via my laptop. There seem to be so many french companies. Have mobile phone(without modem), laptop. Should I take fixed line or should I buy a new mobile phone? and which company? Don't want to spend too much money. Any ideas and suggestions are welcome. V.

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Need a really good recipe for a chocolate fudge sauce URGENT   thanks dano

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