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We have some non-structural cracks in our pool which we would like to get fixed.We are located in Cannes/Le Cannet and would be great to have one of your experts visit us between 19th of Dezember till 23rd to review the cracks and to provide a proposal to carry out the worksLooking forward to your kind reply.  Please let me know whether you have any questions via email; Michael.lange.int13@gmail.comThanks in advance for your kind replyMichael 

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HI. I am looking for someone who knows how to stop a leak on a pool pump. it's dripping from underneath and is hard to get to, it will probably need disconnecting, and re-glueing.  Grasse area.

started by: burkovich · last update: 1511708706 · posted: 1511708706

Hi I'd be grateful if anyone could make a recommendation of someone to install a wood stove in Roquefort les Pins area.Many thanks David

started by: desmond-gerald-912587 · last update: 1510828765 · posted: 1510828765

HiIf you are going away and would like a mature, tidy, well presented, experienced, well travelled, animal loving, Swedish couple to look after your home / pets, perhaps we might be perfect.Currently, we live in Gloucestershire but no it's problem to travel anytime.. Excellent references upon request (French /  UK / Swedish)Hope to hear from someone!Tel: + 44 1242 461026 (home)

started by: Julia Connolly · last update: 1510821820 · posted: 1510657417

We moving back to UK and have bits which we nor our buyers want. Tried a second hand store around the corner in rue de France but not interested as has so much. Any suggestions??? Quite urgent.

started by: DaveH-180933 · last update: 1510044466 · posted: 1509541765

We live around 50 km north of Nice, and have lost almost all of our satellite tv over the last few years. It seems now that we can receive tv from the most unlikely and distant places, but none of the UK channels.i have read up on this, and apparently the problem was caused by one of the satellites being relocated to give better reception in the U.K. some years ago.it now appears after a Goggle search that the only way I can restore a signal is to increase my dish size to at least 1.0 metre, larger if possible, but my search only shows suppliers of 80cm dishes in France.i have a few questions on this:- does anyone know where I can purchase a large dish in France- are there any other solutions worth trying. ( signal amplifiers ?)- does such a large dish require special supports ( my current dish is chimney mounted)- does anyone know a dish fitter who will travel.sorry for all the questions, any help / advice will be appreciated.

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Dear all, Iam considering renting my apartment on airbnb. Do I need special permission from Marie/Syndic etc? Any other rules/regulations I need to be aware of? Thank you

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Good morningI wish to locate 3  large clay pots (43cm diameter) outside my home with plants/ small trees measuring a minimum of one meter in height, however I need advice as to which plants will be hardy enough to survive both the heat of summer and the cold of winter.They will be North facing so predominantly in shaded light although full sun does appear from the west for a few hours in the afternoons.What plants would you recommend?Thanks in advance

started by: Sarah-Holdsworth · last update: 1509541904 · posted: 1509004433

We became so fed up with the ongoing issues with a neighbour..we are selling. We bought the property 16 years ago - the original neighbour moved out 6 years ago and thats when problems started...so many to list and in every case the authorities washed their hands of the neighbour... however on one count he decided to take us to the high court regarding our pool heater...saying it was too noisy and that we must move it plus the destress over 6 years would cost us 20K euro in compensation.  Its nearer to our terrance than his front door - measure 47DB when right on top of it (the noise level of normal conversation is about the same level) - his house is 5 meters below ours with his drive way and front door - his pool and garden the other side of his house. Needless to say we had to take on a lawyer - he read everything and said that our case was very string and that the neighbour  was abusing the legal process - he has put forward an excellent case and claimed back our expenses and 5K euro - he said he thought we would win without a doubt - if not for the legal reasons but also the continual harressment, but we are at the first stage..We have decided to sell as he has made the whole experience of enjoying the property unpleasant - we have some potential French buyers.....Anyone know how long the legal case might go on for - both written arguments had to be in fromnt of the judge by 20 Oct - when might we expect a reply?Anyone know if we have to disclose this information to a potential buyer?Thanks!

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Anyone know of any good, reliable, value Plasteres in the Var Region????!

started by: desmond-gerald-912587 · last update: 1509023583 · posted: 1509023583

Mature, fit, experienced, well presented / travelled Swedish couple available anytime to look after your home / pets on a short term basis.Currently, we live in Gloucestershire but it's no problem to fly from Bristol - Nice. Excellent references + pics of ourselves upon request.

started by: reimertz · last update: 1508766767 · posted: 1508766767

I'm looking for a cottage to be cleared of a few furnishings give away or just removed, collect a wardrobe in Villefranche and placed in the cottage. I would be so grateful for a contact numberasahanna@yahoo.co.uk

started by: abitomkat-234669 · last update: 1507579669 · posted: 1507579669

Hi, we need someone to take a few things to the Dechetterie tommorow for us please - smeg fridge, mattresses other rubbish. We are in Chateaueuf. Please email in first instance. thanks

started by: Hart06-237442 · last update: 1507503192 · posted: 1267460692

Does anybody know of a company that will come and clear out an appartment? Apparently there is a company called Emancia or something similar or perhaps even the Crois Rouge would be interested in the furniture, goods, etc??? Any ideas or experience would be much appreciated. Based in Nice. Thanks.

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Hello - would anyone be able to recommend a company to install air conditioning?  I see a number of companies listed but it would be good to have a personal recommendation of a company that can both install and maintain. Thank you. 

started by: Julian-875636 · last update: 1507280453 · posted: 1507280453

Mature, experienced, outgoing, fit, well travelled, Scandinavian couple (husband/wife)  living in SW UK, available to look after your home / pets. Excellent references (US / French / UK) + pics + information about ourselves upon request.So if you're going away and would like us to help out, we'd be delighted to hear from you.Having no children or pets, we are free to travel anytime.

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HiWe've bought an apartment in Villefranche and we need to furnish it from top to bottom - but due to work commitments we are only able to spend a week at the end of October doing this.  Any recommendations for shops where we can easily purchase fridge/freezer, beds, sofas etc that will deliver within the same week?  Thank you 

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Can someone recommend a cleaner once a week in Venceplease call on 0493580486or email asahanna@yahoo.co.uk

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Do they exist? Recently built, I mean. If yes, then where? And are they available for rent? I mean the apartments in those buildings? Do they usually have individual or communal water tanks?

started by: KikiGreig · last update: 1505895558 · posted: 1477494790

Hi,Am looking for a reliable builder to do renovation of 3 bed apt in Juan-les-Pins, English or French speaking.  Any suggestions much appreciated!!!!Kiki

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