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WANTED! A mover. I am moving from an apartment on the first floor in Cimiez to an apartment on the 4th floor in Fabron. Any recommendations? Thank you for help with this. Jay

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About to buy some firewood - for the first time. How much should I be paying for it? (Grasse area).

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Can anyone recommend somebody really experienced and reasonable to service air conditioning units in Cannes?

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Trying to find the best way to clean this kind of product/- don't want anything too abrasive but whatever I try it doesn't seem to look really clean - any ideas?

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Where can I get a nice laptop table that is not too big, Ikea do a small one but too far to go to get it and the colour won't fit in my lounge, need a light wood or cream one.

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Can anyone recommend a VPN to watch the BBC on iPlayer?  I've tried several, with no luck.  I have a TV license in the UK, but obviously that doesn't help on the Riviera.  Any suggestions welcome.  Many thanks. 

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I'm looking for a one or two bedroom unfurnished apartment to rent in the Condamine area of Monaco by the end of the year.  Preferably in an old style building with a terrace or balcony.  Cave or parking space a bonus.  I must be able to use this for my residency, hence no sublets, please.  I can move in immediately, or take possession in the next few months.  If you are leaving a flat, or know of one that will be available, please contact me.  Many thanks in advance! 

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Hi, Is it obligatory for landlords to proved a fire extinguisher in a rented property? Not a holiday rental but a long term rental.Thanks for any info.

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Has anyone else lost all their BBC  &   ITV channels?  Roquefort Les Pins area

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I am looking for a company or individual that can supply compost, manure and mulch for gardens in bulk. Must be able to deliver in Eze.

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Hello! I am from the US. I rented an apartment in Nice through Airbnb for a month, everything is very nice, but I do not have enough hot water to take shower. I have to stop my shower for an hour, then go back in. I told my landlady, she said she "augmantez en peu" but it is not enough. She said she used to live in this apartment before by herself and it was enough for her. I have to say that I do use a lot of hot water for my daily showers, but I do not find it "too much", maybe more than the average person, but it is still within the normal human limits.The reason I mentioned that I am from the US, is that I have never had this type of problem there, so I need to understand how and why it is different here. I also have to say that I paid a lot for this AIrbnb place. But my main concern is that I am planning to stay here for a long time, so I gonna rent an apartment and I need to understand what to ask for from my future landlords, so I wouldn't have the same problem again. What type of buildings I should look for? It is very important for me to have a descent amount of hot water. It makes my face look good, it depuffs it. And I have greasy hair, so I need a lot of hot water to degrease my scalp.Sorry for all these intimate details..

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Do they exist? If yes, where?

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Can anything be done if the neighbour rents out to holiday people making a lot of noise - mostly kids - all day shouting and screaming from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.? ! Then after 2 weeks another lot comes in and it starts all over again! Can hear from the language they have  all been Brits. The owner, who demolished previous house and rebuilt large new one with large new pool, is Swiss and very quiet!

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I live in a house on a hill, 25 steps from the bottom of the garden to the front door.  I had a lift company round who said more than €50k!!There's no way I can afford that and even if I could it's not worth a price like that.  So I want to build something myself. I'm looking on ebay UK at second hand elderly stair lifts , thinking I can buy several to make the 22 metres of run I need, re wire the electrics to increase the speed, waterproof it all and install it on a pre made concrete run down through my garden. I'm looking for any advice or opinions, if you're an electrician and think you could help please get in touch.  I can weld so not worried too much about building support brackets or joining rails together, I can also build so the concrete run should be ok.  But how to increase the speed of 2 x 240v AC motors?Thanks !  Mike

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Hello, I am looking for somewhere to rent, possibly for 6 months starting beginning of October whilst looking for a place to buy. Preferably with two bedrooms. Thank you.

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Hi, Can anyone recommend a builder who we need to install a new water pipe from the outside meter at the edge of the villa across the car park and into the building. Some internal plumbing as well if possible but the  groundwork is the main part of the work.Le Cannet / Cannes border.Les Sampson+44 7710011346 

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Hi, can anyone give me an idea of what I should expect to pay to have a swimming pool cleaned, please?  The pool hasn't been in use for at least 7 months so I would think needs to be shocked and hoovered.  It's about 9m x 4m.  Looking for a one off cost and then what it would cost to maintain.Thanks.

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Hi Folks, I am looking for an english speaking builder to do a full refurb of an apartment I bought in Nice port area,  Involves demolition, new partition walls, new kitchen/shower room, full electrics based on architect plans.  I am based between Nice and Dublin so I need someone who is very reliable and good communication skills.  Any recommendations?

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Various items of furniture big and small to sell at good prices.   Come and take a look.Please contact me for address or other details.Thanks a bunch,Jane

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Handyman wanted to fit new pool alarm - the make is VISIOPOOL. The old alarm to be removed - it is fixed to paving at side of swimming pool and the new one to be fixed in same place instead. Prefer someone who has done this job in the past and is familiar with pool alarms. OPIO area - 06650. Send message via AI. thanks.

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