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Hi, I have received a letter about the replacement of my electricity metre. Is it obligatory to have it replaced and what difference does it make? My contract is with EDF.

started by: oaktree.layfield-262704 · last update: 1496120213 · posted: 1496053349

Looking for an English speaking handyman, have a number of jobs, bit of joinery work, painting, repair to the drive (tarmac), electric, plumbing and painting. Problem is trying to find a good reliable person who has some references, please call on 0678167357, thanks.

started by: Wordwork-206235 · last update: 1496052087 · posted: 1495811229

Can anyone recommend someone to service a town gas boiler? It's about 3 years old and has been serviced before, but I can seem to contact the person who did it then.

started by: Hikari · last update: 1496049776 · posted: 1495994566

Looking for a fridge in Cannes/Mandelieu. Giveaway or a budget friendly price. Thank you.

started by: trevorburwood-223327 · last update: 1495984991 · posted: 1495884111

My Aquabot Bravo Pro  pool cleaner (Irene) has stopped working after 4 years; does anyone know of a reliable repairer of electrical robots please.Thanks. Trevor

started by: kenpaul · last update: 1495983700 · posted: 1495969454

We want to level our garden and we are looking for a digger driver  with his own machine to hire. Can anyone recommend someone. We are in Opio 06650 on the cote d'azure

started by: Big Bear-323387 · last update: 1494867948 · posted: 1494237282

Does anybody know of reliable electricians and plumbers or just general tradesmen competent to fit air con/sanitary fixtures in the 06 (within 30 km or thereabouts of Grasse) who hold the professional certificate RGE (Reconnu Garant de l'Environnement)?

started by: charie-meyer-896321 · last update: 1494590758 · posted: 1494590756

Hi we are a couple looking for guardianage or help in the garden and house services in return for a free lodgement. Is any body in needs to this please feel free to contact us our phone number 0641165336 thank you!

started by: Clifford-Moss-898874 · last update: 1494256792 · posted: 1494256791

Does anybody know how I can get a temporary pool fence installed at the villa where we are staying?? Ideally,  a low-cost temporary option great. 

started by: JanD · last update: 1493805079 · posted: 1493805078

Hi Folks, I am doing a full refurb on an apartment in Nice.  I would love to replace the PVC windows with old style double glazed wooden windows similar to the originals (its a listed building in the port).  Does anyone know of any companies who specialise in provided modern 'old' style apartment windows in wood.

started by: appletrees-321263 · last update: 1493364868 · posted: 1493364867

Can any one recommend a removal company for a part load ( ie not a huge lorry load) to be taken to London?I looked on the site removalreviews.co.uk and some are not well rate whose names come to mind! Thanks.

started by: Ieva-Dabravolskaite-872505 · last update: 1493211260 · posted: 1490115173

Hello everyone,I am looking for a studio/apartment to rent long-term in the centre of Nice.Please let me know if you have any suggestions.Thank you in advance!!Ieva0615038961

started by: C.Evison-217121 · last update: 1493185809 · posted: 1493063778

Looking for a garden and pool maintenance Saturdays 1-2 hours for four months plus winter maintence. Mandelieu/les Adrets area. 

started by: airhostess-205789 · last update: 1493131676 · posted: 1493131675

Hi,Does anyone know whether it is possible to have a wifi device with a company, that doesn't make it possible to make phone calls?I'd like to rent an apartment to include wifi, but don't want to end up paying for other's phone calls if they decided to plug a phone into the line if that makes sense. Any solutions/company recommendations gratefully received!

started by: airhostess-205789 · last update: 1492930968 · posted: 1492897932

Need a handyman/builder to quote for fitting a new front door for an apartment in Vieux Nice.need a quote emailing asap and work to be carried out on 28th/29th April please.

started by: sunny jim-205309 · last update: 1492613175 · posted: 1492250866

We need to relay a new concrete floor in our bedroom in Nice 06000 in preparation for laying new carpet or laminate. The existing crumbling concrete needs to be removed. Does anyone know of a reputable company that could assist? Work would need to be guaranteed. We could provide measurements of the floor area as a guide for a rough estimate of work cost. Apartment is on the second floor of a block with a lift available. Please reply to this post or email gobbled2001@yahoo.fr Thanks in advance.

started by: Btise · last update: 1492461198 · posted: 1492461197

Hi, I am looking for someone who can help me putting a 4m aluminium sliding gate together and to install it.  I have order it as a kit on the internet. It's not difficult according to their video, but I need a ''man'' to do so! I live in Grasse St Jacques. If anyone's interested in helping, please give me a buzz on 0622392950. Thanks a bunch.   

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Gardener wanted in Les Adrets. Mainly for hedges and trees. Roughly 1-2 hours/week

started by: reimertz · last update: 1491740337 · posted: 1491740337

I'm looking for  help for a days work in my garden, just weeding cut grass and feeding plans so no gardening experience needed! No heavy hedge cutting needed so light sunny work. Tuesday or Wednesday next weekAnd if it works out I would like to continue with the visits a few times a month or weekly? I have all the tools but sadly my trimmer has stopped working I found out today!?I pay for 1 days work 100 euro?asahanna@yahoo.co.uk 0493580486

started by: taff-192803 · last update: 1491417926 · posted: 1490968115

Hi ,  Can anyone recommend a reliable supplier and installer of A/C systems in the Pagodas area? I am considering putting a/c into our 3 bedroom villa.Thanks in advance

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