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Hi, can anyone give me an idea of what I should expect to pay to have a swimming pool cleaned, please?  The pool hasn't been in use for at least 7 months so I would think needs to be shocked and hoovered.  It's about 9m x 4m.  Looking for a one off cost and then what it would cost to maintain.Thanks.

started by: JanD · last update: 1500581391 · posted: 1483986166

Hi Folks, I am looking for an english speaking builder to do a full refurb of an apartment I bought in Nice port area,  Involves demolition, new partition walls, new kitchen/shower room, full electrics based on architect plans.  I am based between Nice and Dublin so I need someone who is very reliable and good communication skills.  Any recommendations?

started by: Jane Fryer · last update: 1500542207 · posted: 1500542207

Various items of furniture big and small to sell at good prices.   Come and take a look.Please contact me for address or other details.Thanks a bunch,Jane

started by: appletrees-321263 · last update: 1500377862 · posted: 1500276942

Handyman wanted to fit new pool alarm - the make is VISIOPOOL. The old alarm to be removed - it is fixed to paving at side of swimming pool and the new one to be fixed in same place instead. Prefer someone who has done this job in the past and is familiar with pool alarms. OPIO area - 06650. Send message via AI. thanks.

started by: Jillyville · last update: 1500356501 · posted: 1500356501

Hello, we are looking for a nice house in the home counties to rent for 4/5 days over Christmas 2017. Our flats in Nice and Geneva will be free in case any trades are possible. If you will be in France and would consider renting to a responsible international family, 8 adults, four older children, please get in touch. Thanks. 

started by: Daniel H · last update: 1500320670 · posted: 1498745002

Anyone have any experience of this in the UK? Can you do this and use the money to retire to France?How do the companies that offer it make their money?Thanks

started by: JMS12 · last update: 1499344024 · posted: 1498501623

We'd love to install air conditioning but as it's so expensive we're thinking of portable units in the meantime.  Can anyone recommend any particular brands?  Thanks

started by: wendyc-203210 · last update: 1499259633 · posted: 1498378740

I have a Sky subscription but for the last couple of weeks, not been able to get BBC or ITV channels.  Anyone wiht the same problem?  Really need BBC in time for Wimbledon! many thanks

started by: michael lange-219337 · last update: 1499159472 · posted: 1499159471

seeking company or individual who can supply and prepare covers for outside sitting cushions. please reply to michael.lange.int13@gmail.comthanks, michael

started by: Daniel H · last update: 1499159394 · posted: 1498811865

Does anyone know a company that sells used domestic appliances like washing machines and hobs? Will travel and have a van.

started by: melUK · last update: 1498661936 · posted: 1498305455

Can anyone tell me the  French name for the plastic cover that you can fix over your balcony washing line.Also where i might buy one in Nice.Many thanks

started by: Alise-Deice-901731 · last update: 1498472236 · posted: 1498380689

Hello everyone, I am looking for apartment without furniture for long term rent, in Nice centre. Thank you! 

started by: kenneth-Stanley-902198 · last update: 1498319300 · posted: 1498319300

Looking for 2 Builders Labourers in the Nice area.Must be physically fit and willing to work hard for a fair wage.Contact David on: 06 60 39 01 84

started by: dylanlucy · last update: 1498047109 · posted: 1498047108

i have a honey bee nest in my chimney anyone got any help or advice please thanks

started by: Big Bear-323387 · last update: 1498044565 · posted: 1498044564

Hi there, I am looking to call out a reputable gas plumber - someone with the credentials PGN (Professionel Gaz Naturel).  Can anybody recommend me a reliable and honest person who will not try to rip me off?!  I have a small leak - GDF came out and identified the area in which it is and turned the gas off.  I am in Grasse. Any suggestions gratefully received!

started by: lotkate47-878501 · last update: 1497972959 · posted: 1497851857

hello  I live in Cagnes sur Mer looking for some folding  boxes as packing up household items Do you have any please or do you know where I can get someTHANKS VERY MUCH IN ADVANCEplease get in touch as soon as possiblethanks a lot Mary/kateI l

started by: green eyes-236929 · last update: 1497972920 · posted: 1497692542

Hi,I am looking for a reliable holiday swap over/ cleaner for my apartment in Nice. (Located behind the Meridian hotel) Thank you,

started by: steve-The Dream-897952 · last update: 1497942440 · posted: 1497619857

Hi i am a plasterer and general builder living past 20 years in central france and regestered with the chambre de metiers since 2003.I am going to move  to the golf of ST TROPEZ in 2 weeks and wondered what the work situation was there.I can do most things tiling carpentry new kitchens and bathrooms ect so was hoping to be able to find work easily.If anyone knows anything about this or where to start looking or some good websites to advertise on then it would be much appreciated.

started by: vincenzo-fortunato-893394 · last update: 1497358031 · posted: 1497358030

Hi I'm looking for someone who knows how to fit a satellite dish on my roof and position it to get Sky TV. I have all the equipment just need someone who knows how to install it.

started by: Alise-Deice-901731 · last update: 1497018740 · posted: 1497018739

Hello, me and fiance (he is french) looking for one bedroom apartment in Nice centre for long term rent - 9 month minimum. Without furniture.

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