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HiCan anyone recommend a company that can make repairs to the exterior of my house please? It was broken into last week and needs repairs to the shutters and garage.We are based on the Gorge du Loup near Greolieres.Many thanksNiall

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Anyone no a good underfloor heating (water) specialist in the Antibes area to check out my central heating.

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Hi our roof is leaking once again after spending a considerable amount of money on repairs two years ago!!! Sick and tired of looking at bucket in my dining room, can anyone recommend a company near Antibes/ Juan les pins area who will guarantee their repairs please?

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HiCould any one point me in the right direction or is there such a thing of a sewer/drain plan of the old part of Antibes, nr. ramparts?  I have a feeling we share a soil pipe (could this be possible??)  with our neighbours, who we are joined to and they have cut us off when they did some work!!!!! Its the only explanation for no soil pipe going from our house to main sewer, when the camera went down!!AAAARGH

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I will be participating in a fun blog about a traveling chicken. It travels around the world and spends a few days with it's new family. The new hosts then creates a piece of art incorporating the chicken. It's light hearted and a way to connect with international artists. If you are interested in participating contact the blog administrator or myself. I'd love to meet more local artists.Marion

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Anyone have a good and efficient electric heater that they would recommend? Looking at a Dyson one at the moment. Any one with any experience of it?

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I am looking for someone who frames artwork, posters, photos etc.  Someone with a selection of frames and a creative eye. Ideally somewhere between Monaco and Cannes.  Know anyone? Many Thanks, Chris

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Hi, does anybody know where I can get either Crown or Dulux paints in the 06 area, or as near to these as possible?  I used to get paint from Creation en Couleur but I have been informed they are no longer in existence.  Many thanks in advance for any advice.

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Cannes Area Interior designer needed  for modern/contemporary refurbishment of a one bed apartment, 50 metresCall Michael 0659851455

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Can anybody recommend a company that can clear up outside our property in Menton. We had the exterior painted and now need to clean outside and on the terrace.

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Does anybody know where I can get a cheap, secondhand jacuzzi (under 2,000 euros) in the 06 area?

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I am looking for somebody for a day just to dig a hole in the garden. As soon as. Thank you.

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Good evening everybody. I'm alone on the 24th 25th and 26th December. My daughter is in Sweden with her Mum this Xmas. I'm looking for work on those days to keep me busy. Cleaning house or car, cooking (very well), painting, gardening, helping in any way. I charge 100 euros a day. Please contact me by telephone on 0789966482I'm 41, from London originally, very able, very well presented, polite, strong and reliable.Thanks a lot. Tom. 

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Can anyone tell me who I need to contact to find out the name of the owner of a derelict house I am interested to buy?>

started by: JillyC-248854 · last update: 1481026328 · posted: 1480676278

Hi there, I have a long sloping path from the house to the drive which is very slippery when the surface is wet, from morning dew to rain.  Has anybody every had the same problem and successfully found a solution?  I know you can get anti slip paint but I'm not sure how durable this would be, maybe its possible to get some sort of sheeting on the slope?  Any suggestions gratefully receive with thanks!

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Hi there, I'm looking for a trustworthy Nice-based person/company to help with packing up and shipping some items in my aunt's flat in Nice over to the UK.My aunt died, and we want to ship all her books and papers to the UK. Companies such as FedEx offer a shipping-only service, and you have to pack, label and weigh the boxes yourself. We have nobody in Nice to do this job!Can anyone recommend someone to help?Thanks very much!Suzi

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Professional renovator and handyman available to do any job, big or small. Building, plumbing, electrical, painting, tiling and rendering. A guaranteed professional job, done one time and on budget. Honest, reliable and hardworking. Also looking to increase our property management folder bookings, cleaning, linen service, meet and greets and maintanence. We are your total one stop project tradesman. Contact leon or Lilly on +33618247754leon.lilly.freeman@gmail.comservicing all French Riviera 

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Need an estimate for painting my bedroom ceiling.

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My water bill has more than doubled and I need to do a search for a leak, has anyone done this and can give me an idea of how much it costs? I'm in a flat, about 100m2 and I can see no evidence of water leaking anywhere! None of the taps drip and i can't see humidity in the walls.I'm worried this may turn out to be expensive...

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