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I need to perfect English spoken with a native English language person who wants to learn French I live in Fréjus Best regards

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My goal is to raise at least 180,000 dollars. I have a product I would like to design, develop and sell, however, every investment company willing to assist me wants upwards of 200,000 dollars to get started, to include a percentage of earnings. I don't have that kind of money and really not in a position to get a loan for that much. So, I am asking complete strangers to help me raise money so I can do this on my own. I will find a company to design my product, get it developed and then start selling it. I believe by using Amazon I can get this product out there and once people see it, it will sell itself. My product can go on any vehicle and can be used by anyone from a student to an elderly person. It is visible and will sell itself, however, advertisement will be needed to get it initially going. If you are willing to take the risk and invest in a complete stranger and assist me in this endeavor, I would greatly appreciate it. About me: I am a veteran who spent 20 years in the Army and for the longest I have had this idea for a product that I wanted to develop and sell. However, I have not been able to raise the money needed to get the project going and for what investment companies want, I might as well try to raise the money and do it myself. I know I am asking a lot from complete strangers but if you are willing to take a leap of faith and assist me then just go to paypal.me/slakeman2000 and donate. For all you others that believe this is a scam then please by all means feel free to ignore this request and save your time by not sending hate mail. I know you are above reproach and would never ask for assistance but just because someone does doesn't mean it's a scam, thanks and have a wonderful life.

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Advice re transporting a mobile home to Rosslare from Antibes/Biot. 

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Hi everybody!We are looking to perhaps move to this area and are wondering if there is a large community of English speakers in the Biaritz area and around. Is it possible and easy to find English speaking health practitioners, psychologists, acupuncturists, doctors ... Etc . What about socially?Thank you for this precious information as we really like this area.

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An English couple will swap a large estate in Russia for a nice little house in the south of France or Spain. We have a 1 mile of a river front land (32 ha of land in total) and happy to swap it for something more manageable. It is only a 4 hour drive from St Petersburg! There are 4 small plots (1/4 acre each) on which the building is allowed ( planning permission granted). There is a small, unfinished, but fabulous log house (a chalet) of approx 90 m2 built. There is a spring water (well) and electricity on the land. You can still build 3 more houses on this part (two 15x12m two storey houses and one 7x15m one storey). Right next to it there is a 31 ha of beautiful agro-land with a Forrest behind. You can also purchase another 35 ha of land next to it. Lots of fish in a river, berries and mushrooms in the Forrest, freshest of air and enormous business possibilities! Will consider all sorts of offers, one never knows :) 

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Looking for a campsite to put my new mobile home that's open at least 10 months of the year .would préfère around frejus area or some were within a 50 mins drive from there.Hope some one can help Cheers j

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What do you guys think? After that win today against a lacklustre liverpool the Title has to be UTD's

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From whom does the quote "famous last words" come from? I know we all use it from time to time but has anyone thought about where it came from? I'll be very happy to find out.yvonne

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My wife comes from Brittany, and so at least once a year we drive up there, using the opportunity to drive around and see other parts of France. Inevitable, once we hit the A8 on the way back, I'm made aware of the worsening state of driving. One can almost see the teeth becoming more pointed and two little horns appearing on the head as drivers speed up, go through red lights, fail to turn on their light at night. And don't get me started on motor cyclists....... However, I have seen a chink of light at the end of the tunnel. Since the belated introduction of radar cameras, the majority of drivers are finally (and I suspect, reluctanly) reducing their speed. In then old days, I was one of those drivers, who having passed the police setting up traps by the side of the road, would flash on-coming drivers of the dangers ahead. Not any more? This is one issue where I'm totally behind the police. If people want to drive like selfish idiots, endangering the life of innocent victims, then they deserve all that's coming to them. Access4, Gate 96, Block 352, Row 28, Seat 11

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ok here's a poser for you. An Italian colleague of mine who is frequently in the UK is totally at a loss as to why on earth us Brits often have separate taps for hot and cold water and not a mixer tap as more or less everyone else does.  I could offer him no explanation - can't for the life of me think why we do - could it be simply on cost?  But shirley two simple taps would be about the same price as one mixer one?

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I know there are wars goping on and lots of people seem to want to believe that we are all doomed but I think they might be wrong. So here is a nice little article which I found quite heart-warming: http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/health_medical/article2332764.ece

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I'm doing a little research into great local wine and food marriages. Do you know of a great combo? I would love to hear from you - and if it is a particularly esoteric dish, could you please include a recipe.While Sauternes is always quoted as being perfect with Roquefort - they are hardly a local pairing. I hope you can help,Many thanks,Ian

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I know it's an old fashioned question, but really do you? And if you do, do you also believe that there is a Devil.I saw footage of an exorcism in modern day Tuscany last night. It was really quite confronting. And if there is a Devil wouldn't it be in your interest to first defeat the belief in GOD because, pouf, the belief in the existence of the Devil would go with it and the way would be open for you to do as you wish without anyone putting the finger on you.I know this is so not modern. Not scientific. But right now I think at least we should be thinking about it. I know I am.

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I bet grandad Phill must be proud as punch! if you could win prizes for putting your foot in it, these 2 must be head of the pack. Cheers PC

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Is life just a game? You make one bad move and you take back a step or you take a really bad move and you have to start all over again. You make good decisions and you move forward. You have to obey the rules, and if you break them then you go back. People play, some give up half way through because it's just too difficult, some cheat and some play by all the rules. Is life really just one big game?

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Are the attacks in Jordan, history repeating itself? Jordan is a fairly progressive country by middle east standards.  There is some religious freedom, etc......the king even met the new pope in rome..... And now the jihadists have split blood in Amman. This reminds of the fall of the Córdoba Caliphate, as more hardcore and intolerant Almoravids (to be followed by the Almohads) forced a collapse due to a civil war.  Some comments by the Saudis would makes you think they have finally woken up to the danger they themselves face.  How do you think it will end? Lead not follow!

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http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/6973605.stm "Communist China has introduced new rules that appear aimed at controlling the selection of the next Dalai Lama, Tibetan Buddhism's spiritual head" 1 September 2007 BBC NEWS Surely freedom of religion without the 'input' of the government should be a right all humans deserve. Any thoughts?

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The many media are trying to sell us the virtues and beauties of paradise. A bungalow on water in Bora Bora. A week-end in Bali. And so many other fantastic tropical destinations. Even Norway, and Alaska will offer unusual deals for the one who don't feel too cold. The world of dreams is wide open. I am flabbergasted by the many people so gullible as to accept to do anything to get out of their routine. They will believe anything. Is change essential ?... Wanting to travel and to discover new things and ideas is natural. But the world is now so small, and the people so many, what to do ?... Staying home or spending money to look at others ?... There is no paradise on earth. Poverty, cockroaches, local conflicts, spoiled food, corruption, and so many other things, will alter your vision of an artificial dream. Close your eyes, and you might see Paradise. Well, if you concentrate enough !...

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