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Did anyone know about the racist night club in Antibes? I was there the other night, and was treated badly by the bouncer and the French people. The French people would not let me sit down on the lengthy couch and got the bouncer to come to tell me to leave the area. Nearing my departure, the bouncer retaliated against my peaceful resistance and asked me to leave the night club permanently...and to not come back. I was never told why I had to leave that area as was I never told why I had to leave the club and not come back. Has anyone had similar experiences??? Should I be quiet, or say something about this....this to me looks like racism. Julia

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CroissantLove 1190551620

Maybe the lengthy couch was in a VIP part of the club for special members or such things...

I don't know how you could say that what happened was racism.

coors 1190552703

If they were recist then you would not have been allowed in the club in the first place surely. So why do you say they are racist? Maybe you were asked to leave because you were drunk or something?

JTimmins-205782 1190553953

The couch was not VIP at all. It was only the french who did not want me there.


coors 1190558898

So you are saying that the club is only for French people? And you could not sit on the sofa and was asked to leave because you were not French?

CroissantLove 1190560101

Even if it is the case I wouldnt let it bother you. Just go somewhere else.

orme-197181 1190562510

How did they know you were not French (did you have a label?), and how did you know that all those concerned were French? It sounds as though you were alone, if not, were those with you not French and asked to get off the couch too?

JTimmins-205782 1190631323

Yea thanks for that. I did go somewhere else. I went home with the strangest feeling. Like an unwanted tourist. Ive never been treated like that in my life and will stand my ground in saying that the way I was treated was wrong. But hey, you choose your battles, and this one I will not fight because it was a stupid late night club that I probably will never go back to.


MikeP-180526 1190632043

Why are we confusing 'racism' with what sounds like a pure and simple case of xenophobia or more likely just plain lack of manners and hospitality, Julia. Nowhere have you indicated that you are not Caucasian, so I fail to see what racism has to do with it.

Most of these night clubs apply discriminatory policies of one kind or another, based on the way one is dressed or simply whether the doorman likes the look of you, or if you are part of the 'crowd'.

JTimmins-205782 1190650705

Xenophobia is classified as fear where as this was not. If the people that ganged up on me were afraid of tourists they wouldnt have come to a club based in a place largly populated with tourists. They were being mean and choosing to treat me lower then them because they knew I was not french. They felt they had more of a right to be there then I.

nicandsi-188743 1190659233

how did they know that you were not french. You said you just tried to sit on a couch.

Unless we go round with signs on saying were not french how did they know.

Do you not speak any french.

Maybe if you don't and you expected them to speak english they were a bit miffed. I know when I go back to the Uk and go to the local shop I'm miffed when the person serving me is not english and can't understand me.

You get rude people in any culture and to me they were being rude. Racism is used so freqently these days. Unless they said get out your english or you are of coloured skin and they said get out for that reason these are rasist remarks. not what happened to you.

yeahyeah-218184 1192457961

I understand what you're saying J. I've been living in the south of france for many years. If you aren't french it's quite likely that locals will know it even before you cross the street . Sometimes in rare situations they choose to pick on foreigners. I agree with you when you say that you pick your battles in life. Just remember that when you aren't in your home town and your hanging out late at night, you could be putting yourself in danger by confronting people about racism and topics as such.

be careful baby!

kind regards.

MikeP-180526 1192459090

There is no visible difference as far as race is concerned between most French people and most Anglo Saox people. This has absolutely nothing to do with race and everything to do with ignorance and lack of manners.

Debslovessven-207142 1192462519

We are all presuming Julia is in the right in this situation! As it was a late night establishment had Julia had a drink or two? Is Julia White if so it is not a case of rasicsm! Was the seat taken and did she not understand when the people said it was taken? So many questions so little detail! Before jumping to someones defence answers are needed first!

mamasous-194217 1192560695

I know few pubs in Antibes how are racist,it's okay if you are white , we call them fascist and we never go there,the worse was a SDF how wanted a cup of coffee and had money and clean was thrown out by the manager made me sick

reptile-211977 1192657210

There is a serious under current of racism here and anyone who has not encountered it is either extremely thick skinned or just plain lucky. I've had many incidents during of racism over the last few years and since the huge influx of Brits to the area it has got steadily worse. I've had my car tyres slashed in a supermarket carpark for no other reason than my car had a British plate. My wife and I have been harried and intimidated on the roads whilst driving a UK registered vehicle, however this has never happened to us in a French registered vehicle. I have even had a minor fight whilst driving a British registered vehicle (a couple of punches were exchanged) when a burly French builder decided to attack me with a wrench for stealing his parking space in Antibes!! Yes there is a huge amount of racism here.

MikeP-180526 1192664992

I've had many incidents during of racism

... so presumably these 'racist' incidents took place because you are not Caucasian?

reptile-211977 1192698904

No they took place because I was identified as British. We are using the term racism here to define this discrimination against non French and the British in particular. However if you'd prefer that we use another term then fine suggest one.

realcooleo 1192704535

for the definition of racism:
Legal definition
According to UN International Conventions, "the term "racial discrimination" shall mean any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, color, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life."
so being white or not is not really the matter.
independent of this particular incident, since I have no idea about what really happened, we have to face that in this society something is going on, whatever you name it; xenophobia, arrogance, nationalism,...
a german friend once told me that due to same attitude a german is directly called racist, but a french is just called sympathetic/proud nationalist ;)
a little example, there was a big discussion recently around a non-white person to present the info on TF1 at 20:00. and still french TVs are quite "sterilized" about different outlooks, let's say...
good news, they are evolving or obliged to evolve in the positive direction.

CroissantLove 1192704554

How's Anglophobic? Nice ring to it.

reptile-211977 1192705197

CroissantLove, Anglophobic sounds absolutely spot on!

CroissantLove 1192722710

I think that there is always going to be an issue with people that are different, be it colour, accent, religion etc.

Look for example what having a northern accent as opposed to a London accent does for one's career. I know that this used to be a problem and might still be when applying for some positions nowdays.

I think that if there was discrimination because of that just don't go there anymore. You were made to feel unwanted, but you weren't lynched.

orme-197181 1192728798

In the end you can't make people be non-racist, if that's the way they feel. They may not say anything racist, but it doesn't stop them thinking racist thoughts.

In any case, aren't these clubs 'private'? Doesn't that mean that they can turn away anyone who doesn't fit in with their idea of the perfect client?

Debslovessven-207142 1192744142

I think I can speak with a little authority on this subject but I want to be very careful how I put this. I am 100% sure that everybody that has contributed to this post has at one time or another been racist. I can qualify this with the example of JTimmins. I am sure that if she was in a club and a group of men of another race prevalent in France came and sat beside her she would be very uncomfortable very fast as opposed to a group of caucasian men which might not make her as uncomfortable as fast!! This is not only true of Caucasian women but I have seen this with all races of people!

Take a look at the buildings you live in does the ethnic make-up of your neighbours have an effect on your decision to move in or out?

Do you react differently to people of different race in your everyday life.

Before you reply in the negative ask yourself this question one more time and then respond I would be curious to hear the comments.

CroissantLove 1192753212

I agree Debs. It's perhaps not very PC to say such a thing, but true it is.

MikeP-180526 1192754265

Racism is often in the mind of the accuser. Last week a man came to see a car I was selling and made me a ludicrous offer .... 30% of the asking price. I told him that even if he had time to waste I didn't, to which he replied that I was racist!

What can I say?

orme-197181 1192784299

I'm not sure it's all to do with race anyway. Think about neighbours. Wouldn't most of us prefer to live next door to a quiet, intelligent, pleasant family whatever their race rather than loud, inarticulate yobs the same race as us?

SJ-190944 1192787434

But, one does not always know what their behaviour is going to be like at first glance. It's all about prejudging people on how they look, be it dressed in dirty rags (could be rich, well educated, but a bit eccentric) or dressed in designer clothes (could be loud yobs).

Quinnton Washington 1620984519

Recently, the problem of racism has begun to be very acute again, especially in connection with the events in the United States over the past year.

Quinnton Washington 1620984573

I agree with you. Everything fell into place again and now we see hatred and cruelty in a democratic country again.

Ximenez Foster 1620984618

People should go to love and justice, not to hate.

Atelier Tip Top Food and wine consulting 1622186258

All the subjects on racism we are
witnessing now have been there for years.

Unfortunately, it is very subtly done in
France, or we try to ignore the fact that it is there. sometimes by too many
misconceptions. Go chat with an African and find out what is like to be
victimised and have it so properly and civilized done. It is a pity that
foreigners / Arabs / blacks do not always react and stand up to this moral aggression in the right way if there is one to this kind of action.

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