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Looking for someone with garden to take an Irish Wheaten Terrier and Coton Tulear - both 11 yrs old - for a few days at a time in Beaulieu area when we have to go away - 20eu per day per dog  - we provide food.

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Hi, we are thinking about moving to France next year but we own birds. So does anyone know how to transport chickens ,ducks ,pigeons and quails to France from the uk. 

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Hello, I will be arriving in Provence on September 1st, I am having a problem getting my pet on the flight with me even in the cargo/hold. I keep getting different answers and outside sources are extremely pricey, much more than my own ticket. It's crazy. Any advice would be helpful. 

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We have a 7 month old Cane Corso whom we love dearly.Problems have arisen in our life and we need to rehome him.Can anyone advise or suggest our best plan of action

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We are an English family living on Nice Promenade in an apartment. We lost our little dog in May and now feel ready to either offer a wonderful home to a dog needing full adoption or we can offer a pet-sitting service. Either live with us or we will pet-sit and house-sit. Mature couple, life-long dog and cat owners. Missing a furry friend and we don’t want to buy from a breeder when so many dogs need re-homing but struggling to find one from the refuges in the area. A small dog is ideal for us to adopt but any size taken for pet-sitting. 

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In England we used a subscription service where they sent our dogs required raw food every month and we could freeze it. Are there any such companies in France or can anyone recommend where we can get good dog raw food near Cannes?

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My dog has recently been attacked by a wild boar in our garden and is very poorly now.  I want to know how I can get rid of the Boar ?  Do I need to report it to the Mairie ?  I know with a hornets nests the pompiers come and take it away.Any advice would be great 

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Hi,Can anyone recommend a reliable pet transport company to bring back to France a cat, from London? Not sure if Brexit changes something to it but if you have recommendations of company providing this service, I would be glad to have them !

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I’m looking for livery for my old horse, ideally near Mandelieu but anywhere within a 30km radius.  We don’t need a school, just a lovely stable, turnout and a companion or two for him. He’s a quiet 21 year old KWPN, still happy to hack. We can get involved with yard work if anyone has a small private yard.

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Having been away due to COVID, upon my return our neighbours installed an animal electrical fence along our fence, facing our main entrance and are now holding 2 grown donkeys.Does anyone know what are the obligations to hold donkeys outside in residential areas, without proper arrangements , no watering systems etcWhat are our rights as neighbours as they undoubtfully will have some smells and possibly even, if not cared for properly, flees etcThanks for replying direct to Michael.lange.int13@gmail.comThanks

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hallo, i bought a "Miniature Wirehaired Dachshound" in germany. he was born the 19th of october, 2009. he will weigh no more than 3 kg by the time of entry. i want to bring him with me on the airplane inside the cabin on january 5th, 2010, on my return from germany into nice airport. i have by than a valid EU passport which states that he has the necessary vaccinations (except rabies). he is tattooed. he is at the time of my departure from germany to young to get the rabies vaccination. i read up on the internet, that i can bring the puppy in if i have the required documents. i also have another certificate stating that he comes from germany, and that there have been no rabies outbreak for over three years, and he has not left germany since his birth. however, since he cannot have the rabies vaccination, due to his young age, could someone please tell me, what other documents i need to have. do i need to get any documents or special permission from the french or monaco authorities, saying that i can bring this puppy in? if yes, where do i need to go or make contact by email to get the correct answers. i have contacted the french consulates, but nobody can give me the right answers. since i do not speak french, only english and german, i need to contact someone by -email. i live in menton, and my children live in monaco and are monegasque. i would appreciate any help in this matter. kind regardsmarlene peterson

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We are a rescue family Initiated to rescue dogs and cats .We are based in Romania All our rescued pets can travel with Pet Voyage pets transport company Email :  negrisplace2012@yahoo.ro

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Is there a dedicated cat lover in the Callian-Fayence region who could help us feed the stray kitties dumped by the rubbish bins in our region. We've been feeding them for more than a year, trying to catch the entire, not always with success, but we're exhausted.  Is there someone reliable in the region who could help feed one or two evenings a week to give us a break on one or two nights.  Must stick with our feeding regime, evenings only. Garage opposite is hostile to cats so evening only feeding is preferable.  Please call 06 80 86 95 17 if you could help.

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I am relocating back to the UK in December and I am having problems getting my kitten back to the UK, he is passported  and has all his documentation up to date, my problem is that to fly him he has to go in the hold and it will be a minimum of a €1000.  I have got as far as Calais but now my problem is how to get him over the channel as foot passengers are not allowed to travel with pets and I cannot rent a car and leave it in the UK.  Any help suggestions would truly be appreciated

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We have a staffie crossbreed with no papers. Can we bring it to France as long as it doesn't have pitt bull in it blood?

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Hello does anyone know a dog groomer than can come to my house ? thank you for any suggestions

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Hello,  I am very fortunate in that I live on a very quiet road bordered with forrest and fields, ideal for walking my dog.  She is a very friendly golden retriever, so I do not put her on the leash.  I have been walking up and down the road every day for many years and all the neighbours say hello and pat the dog which is so lovely.  Today someone from another road was walking down the same road with her small dog on a leash and shouted at me for not having my dog on a leash and said it was not allowed.  She was in a panic and picked her dog up.  My dog went up to her gently and tried to say hello with a big waggy tail, but she continued to shout even when I explained that my dog was not viscous she told me I was stupid.  I am shocked at such abuse and feel the need to ask if I am in the wrong.  Can anyone please advise.

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Hello, our garden was destroyed and I need electric fencing. But  around 700 m  length is required!would anybody know of a reliable source? Near Grasse ?appreciated advice with many thanks!irma

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Bonjour! Moving to Nice and looking for a good trusted veterinarian within the community.  Additionally if anyone has any recommendation for dog daycare of reputable kennels for pets.  Many thanks

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Hi allWe are new to the Riviera and are looking for a recommended dog sitter. someone who will care and look after our 2 dogs (Hungarian Vizsla - 3yrs old, and a Sausage dog - 4yrs old) both well trained. Ideally someone with experience, who will exercise them during the day and who will keep the dogs inside at night, as they sleep inside at home. Please if anyone knows or can recommend a good sitter it would be much appreciated!Thanks in advanceTyrone

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