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Here is a tale of woe... Back in September we arranged for our pet cat to be taken by road to the UK however when we met the carriers they would not take the cat because the vet had not completed the passport document correctly. When we subsequently spoke to the vet he corrected the passport and reluctantly agreed to take the cat in for a month (which was the period until the next scheduled run by carriers) and we had to leave for the UK ourselves (flights/accomodation booked etc) within a few days. The day before we had to leave the vet completely reneged on his undertaking and we had to find someone to take the cat in very quickly... some friends helped out despite having many dogs and it being very inconvenient for them... A few days before I returned to France this month to take the cat to meet the pet carriers for the second time, he escaped and was nowhere to be seen.. so I had to cancel the RDV with the carriers and return back to the UK again and our cat had gone... Today the cat has re-appeared! But now the carriers say they cannot take him until January and our friends naturally do not want to be responsible for him for that long... So apart from punching the vet who caused all this mess does anyone have any suggestions or ideas or would be prepared to look after a 9yo neutered male cat for a couple of months...? Thanks for reading! Rich

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job-212223 1414183785

I know it's expensive but can't you fly the cat back on BA? arrange it from the UK then fly over the day before to accompany the cat? Or failing that drive yourself down and back again with your pet.


rich-182445 1414185753

Hi - thanks for the reply...

There is only one licenced agency to transport pets by air from France - - they wanted over €1000 to fly the cat from Nice -> London... ...

yes I guess I am looking at having to rent a car/van in the UK just to drive down to Antibes and back again...



52xmax 1414187068

hi, job is - or used to be - correct.

We  flew with Air France and TAP with our two cats in cat carriers as carry on hand luggage - paid for by the kilo at check in, but you had to book the flight in advance as they would only accept a limited number of pets per flight. 


52xmax 1414190787

in fact, for BA, they must weigh less than 6 kg .....



appletrees-321263 1414232295

Just to say - driving from UK to Antibes and back will also be very expensive in road tolls, Channel crossing and petrol - not including stopping anywhere!

rich-182445 1414232798

@52xmax -- I called BA they refer you to BA Cargo - BA Cargo say they dont handle pets and refer you to Goldenway -- Goldenway told me that for some reason cats are more expensive than dogs to transport by air...


frenchferg 1414277288

Have you thought about travelling from the UK by train - say London to Nice and returning with your cat - in an appropriate travel box?


job-212223 1414413578

A 1000 euros what a rip off. When I bought my two cats over 9 yrs ago, it was with Airpets at heathrow using BMI who obviously don't exist anymore. But I booked myself on the flight and the cats I paid for by the kilo when I got to the check in. I think in all they cost me around 200 pounds for 2 of them! Why not give Airpets a ring at Heahtrow even just to ask for some advice? They might know a cheaper way to get your moggies back.


HR1 1414537707

Hi a friend of ours has used "man with a van" to transport his rather large dog back to the UK. He charges a very low rate as he goes weekly transporting whatever is needed. I think his name is Martin. Hope this helps

Jaymo83 1415086885


Did you get sorted?

if not PM me with the details of where from and too in the UK.


rich-182445 1415090672

Thanks -- I have got it sorted now ...


Jaymo83 1415094145

Thats good to know.

we're taking our 14 year old cat back to the UK at the end of the month ourselves so would have been happy to have another 'Ride Along'.

Two lots of meowing is no worse than one and two kids I suppose.....

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