Cocker Spaniel Breaking my Heart

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Hi guys, I am am a regular dog walker at Refuge Jean Duflos dog shelter in Antibes (behind Decathlon) and yesterday when I went, an 11 year old white and beige cocker spaniel named Robby had just been abandoned there as his owner is now too unwell to keep him. I have seen many dogs arrive there in the past but this time my heart really broke because Robby is entirely bewildered in this outside pen with lots of big bouncy dogs running about. He sits in the corner crying and trying to leave the pen with the carers whenever they enter. Does anyone have the possibility to take him on? It would be on a foster care basis for the rest of his life which means that the refuge would pay for his food and veterinary care. First they will sterilise him because this has never been done. Robby is a friendly little chap who gets on with other dogs, he just needs a warm bed and lots of love. If anyone can help please please get in touch with me and I will help liaise with the refuge. Serena: 0631542093

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nissalabella 1406929140

Hi Serena,  I really hope you have already found somebody to take care of this lovely dog! 



house for rent-318030 1407089781

Serena, I really hope someone takes pity on that poor cocker spaniel. We have just adopted a 12 and 1/2 year old golden retreiver that was abandoned when his master died, he stayed in the refuge 18 months. I really encourage people to adopt older dogs they are so grateful especially as the refuge is paying all the fees and food.

Cass318 1407137576


Poor little guy :(

I might know some one that can help,, email me

cetrange-643750 1407138857

All the best to Robby!

We just adopted - off the street - a beautiful cat with a massive hernia we had to have surgically removed right away. She is a very happy cat now, we do not know her history or her name (we call her La Bella Mia), and we do not care. If we can provide her with a safe home that will be enough for us.

Please do adopt a mature or senior pet, they are in need of love and care just like humans!

Please hep Robby!

house for rent-318030 1407171623

Serena, let us know if Robby gets a forever home.

Helenmac 1407244124

I may be able to help... Please keep me posted if no one else comes forward.  Even temporarily if necessary to ease his pain.


jazzyjeff 1407269897

Hi Serena,

Did you find anyone for Robby yet?


ange2014 1407316554

Hi Serena.  A friend of mine is trying to help - she has called several times, left voice messages but gotten no response nor return calls.  We are hoping that Robby has found a good home.  If you could update us on Robby's situation, we would really appreciate it. 

daisyfraser 1407454112

Maybe you could call the refuge directly?

What a sad tale


sisi1 1407492677

Please ask your friend to call me directly, not the refuge. We are still looking for a foster or an adopter for Robby. He has to go for a vet check up in the week to come. If you are interested in fostering Robby you have to be able to take him to the refuge's own vets in Mougins so it's no good if you live too far away. You also need to be willing to cooperate with the refuge.

Please get in touch if anyone is able to offer him a permanent solution. He is 11 but is still sprightly.

Here is my number again: 0631542093

house for rent-318030 1407935130

Any news for Robby?

sisi1 1408028382

Not yet no. I will go to the refuge this weekend and see where we are at. Thanks for your concern. I will let you all know asap.

sisi1 1408535479

Robby is still in the refuge and is looking for an adopter of permanent foster carer (for this latter option the refuge will continue to pay for his food and vets bills). Please get in touch if you can help him!

Serena: 0631542093

Leslie Frasier-212797 1419631286

Has Robby been adopted or fostered?  How is he doing?


ouch that hurt !-230853 1421165849

Sisi, is this old boy still in the refuge ? 

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