Has anyone transported their pet from U.S. to France

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Hello, I will be arriving in Provence on September 1st, I am having a problem getting my pet on the flight with me even in the cargo/hold. I keep getting different answers and outside sources are extremely pricey, much more than my own ticket. It's crazy. Any advice would be helpful. 

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Perhaps this might help, or consider by boat. 

How to get your Pet from the US to France - Pet Transport - ATW

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Hi. You may already know this, but just in case: Air France and other European airlines tend to be much more pet friendly than many US or Asian airlines. Also, avoid transit via the UK, where they’ve made flying in with pets very difficult since Covid. You don’t mention the size of your pet, if it’s cabin size or not. 

I’d focus on Air France-KLM and Lufthansa and lobby hard to get what you need. Sometimes you just need to call the call Center at a different time of day and you’ll end up talking to customer service agents in a different call centre who’ll be much more helpful. I discovered this with KLM. I was getting “Nos” when I called during European business hours. Then I called out of hours, spoke to someone in the Philippines, and it was all sorted out in 20 mins. Just a suggestion. 

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Wow!! Thank you everyone for taking the time to answer. I'm researching all of your advice. Thia

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