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One of my Ragdoll kittens, who left home to live with a delightful couple, suddenly fell seriously ill and an xray revealed one withered kidney and a "normal" one that wasn't working enough to rid his little body of the toxins that were poisoning him. One of the vets suggested euthanasia as he was dying anyway, but the Good Soul on duty that weekend couldn't bear to and lo and behold the poor mite started to improve. After 10 days of care the new parents decided that they couldn't bear to risk him dying on them and I collected him from their vets last Friday, naturally paying all the bills. My question is this : I've read a lot of feline sites on the internet as to what is and isn't good for the health and well-being one kidney cats – does anyone have any hands-on experience of this? So many conflicting do's and don'ts around. He's still on lots of meds to support kidney function and to ccounterract their detrimental effect on his intestines, and he's not clear and safe yet, but he's beginning to be as naughty as a normal kitten which is a good sign, I hope. Thanks for any helpful advice.

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So sorry to read about your Ragdoll. It's not quite the same but my two 19 yr old cats were both diagnosed over a yr ago with renal failure, on the limits to be exact. I had to take them off their normal food and buy them renal food which they hated and in my opinion didnt benefit from. I then decided at their age they should have what they like and put them both back on normal tinned food and now they've thrived!!!! They've both put on weight and are doing well. Infact the female then tested having normal kidney function again. So in my limited experience I do believe these renal cats can come back again and this condition can be managed, although I believe it will get them in the end but your kitten can have many yrs left in him yet. Don't give up just yet!!!!!
Good luck and I hope your little baby makes a good recovery.

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Many thanks, oh no, not giving up! Most of the forums agree that dry food is the worst thing you can give them, yet almost all vets say to feed them Hills Renal.

Trouble is, Jazzy has never liked moist food although he ate a little cooked swordfish last night. Yes, I had a cat, Burmese / moggie cross, who suffered renal failure at 20. Meds, wafer-thin meats and love kept her going until she could no longer walk and she finally crossed the Rainbow Bridge at the very good age of 21. Good luck with your two!

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It might be interesting to look up dietary recommendations for humans with this condition and extrapolate the basic facts (protein requirements are, I believe, quite important, hence the no tinned food arguement, hydration etc) as a guideline for how to feed your kitten. All things being equal the basic needs or things to be avoided will be comparable for any mammal. You can then check you conclusions with the vet. I believe there is a vet school in Nice-they may be able to give you some pointers too

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A vet school? There's an interesting thought Eurokine.

The lad acted almost as any 4 mth old kitten yesterday. I took him to my vet to show her all the blood test results etc and she took another sample (poor baby) to test. Levels normal.

SHe did an ultrasound as the results from the other vet's screening weren't included. 

Guess what?

2 kidneys, both correct size and apparently functioning normally. She tested his liver with the same sample. All good.

So what the hell have I had to spend 500 E on? The other vet was completely wrong in his diagnosis, based on an incomplete ultrasound screening! Obviously something caused his illness and yes, it's possible that he might not have survived given the severity of his condition. To think they were going to put him out of his misery!

I really don't know what to think now...

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Omg, I have just read your posting about your little kitten, unbelievable!!!! That's what happenedf with mine, one minute they've got renal failure the next their kidneys are fine. All I can say is thank god you never had him put to sleep, unimaginable!!!!!


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Gosh, I can't believe your vet got this so wrong, I'm so sorry. 

For anyone who does have a cat with renal trouble, old or young, make sure they're given RENAL SPECIAL to eat, it's fairly new and all our cats think it's the best thing to eat since mice were invented!  I have to keep the youngsters away from it.  It's much more flavoursome than the usual RENAL diet which most cats loathe.  It may exist now in a non-dry form.  Also tons of fresh water, I gave our old boy Volvic, which might have been excessive, but it's low on calcium and possibly easier to absorb in quantity. He drank and drank. High protein diets must be avoided. 

A cat with renal problems will survive quite some time with RENAL SPECIAL and lots of fresh water, plus a low stress life.  I'm so glad your kitty has recovered. 

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