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Hi guys,I am a ballerina with Les Ballets de Monte Carlo and it's my second year working for the company and living in Monaco. This october I adopted a kitten who is absolutely lovely. Her name is Miley and she is 3 months old. I am looking for someone who would be willing to babysit her while I go on tour with the company during the year. Usually our tours are only 7-10 days however I really can't leave her alone for such a long period of time alone. I already have my schedule for the year so you would know much in advance the dates when I would be away. She is so good with people and loves to cuddle. If you are interested please reply to me here or you can email me at I really hope to hear from someone soon, this would be such a help and of course we could disucss payment and further information in the email.All the best, Sarah

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Hello Sarah did you find someone to look after your kitty?  I am looking for a house/cat sit throughout the year.  I live in London but am writing a book and visit South of France regularly as I have a few friends there.  I can stay with them and often do but sometimes I need a space of my own to write and hotels work out expensive.  I am a cat lover and have had one or two throughout my whole life.  I recently had my beloved Kismet put to sleep after having 17 wonderful years with her. If you're interested at all please email  Many thanks

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