Looking for a kitten-sitter in Nice Port

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Hello, I have growing kitten and I have to trave with work, about a week every other month. Can anyone recommend a cat sitter (single or couple) who can stay in my 2 bed. flat in Nice Port to look after her? Any recommendations much appreciated!  

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jules1914 1412934819

Hi Geezie,

Have you found anyone yet?  I'm happy to help out.  I've just moved to Nice and I used to foster cats and kittens for the local animal shelter.  I think I must have fostered about 35 different cats.  They all had their little personalities and I had such great fun with them that I really miss it.  Anyway, feel free to email me back or ring me 06 45 66 70 46.




Jill Bausch 1413482127

Hi, I am all sorted for the trips I have currently planned, but will save your info for the next lot that come up. Thanks.

Jane Fryer 1414580084

Hello there,

We live in Nice but family are coming to stay at ours over Christmas.  If by any chance you are away Christmas or new Year (or both), we would be happy to catsit for you.  We looked after a small family of kittens this summer in Biot so have some experience.

Just contact me through this site if we can be of help,


minnie the minx-181356 1416930952

Hi Jane,

Would you be at all interested in looking after 2 weel behaved female cats in central Cannes from 22-31 December???

We are getting a bit desperate as really don't want to have to put them in a cattery.



Jillyville 1416946533

Jane, I have had good luck with housesitmatch.com

good luck


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