Looking for cattery recommendations

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We've recently adopted a refuge cat, and need to get some good recommendations for local catteries, particular with Christmas coming closer and closer :) Any experiences would be appreciated with catteries from Antibes to Cannes, or in as far as Valbonne.  

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Saffron Sea 1416228131

HI. may I ask if you found any good catterys ?

My closest friend is joining us skiing and she needs a good but not extortionate place, shes not so well off.. (it needs to be somewhere that would be happy to give him an injection twice a day.) Im helping her look so any leads would be great however . She lives near Exit39 les Adrets but would go a little way for the right place..?

admoriarty 1416229548

Sorry, nothing yet, but we do need to sort something out so if I find someone I'll pass on the info...appreciate if you'd do the same if you get there first :D

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