Moving from France to Norfolk with a dog and a cat

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Has anyone got any advise they could give me regarding the best way to relocate my fur kids from Riviera to Norfolk UK??

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Shortty63 1510999052

Are you driving? If so Eurotunnel as pretty cheap and you can stay with your pets. You have to leave them in the car on the ferry. Flying very expensive and have to go in the hold 


Olivier-Vandebroucke-917452 1513602498

I agree with Shorty, you could drive there and be done, or you could go there on train, via the French TGV and then hop on the train under the Channel, the cat will stay in its bag (let it go to the toilet one or twice in train toilets), and what dog do you have? You won't travel the same way with a chihuahua and a Saint-Bernard.

Shortty63 1513606782

Unfortunately I found out from a previous posting pets are not allowed on Eurostar 

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